Havent really been playing much recently, hence the lack of bloggage updateio.

Did manage a couple of hours online on Saturday night tho at the Western Club in London, Arrived there at about 11.00pm to find only one cash game going at 2-4PL but with the average stack over £1k so decided that my £500 total stake for the night was best served keeping the wallet company and being used in a exchange deals with the bar for liquid refreshment. They had about 20 internet terminals at the club though so I decided to redeposit on tilt and fire up 4 tarbs of 1-2NL full ring. I played very steadily and made the odd move now and again but ended up $200 down after my KK got cracked ai on a 769 flop after a $40 re raise pre by none other than the imperious JT...what a call pre and on that flop when I shoved....cant see how he can make this call at either stage of betting....oh well never mind.

Me and the Murg decided about 1-2am to travel back to the Reading area in search of a new game that we could beat on our way home from the Western. We made a few phone calls and found that there was a game running in a house in Finchampstead, 3-3PL Dealers Choice so decided to pull up there and see how things went.

I sat in the game first with lonely looking £100 when the average stack was probably £300 and managed to find AhQhAs3 first hand UTG. I limp (looking obv for the re raise opportunity), no one obliges....as is often the way when you limp in early with monsters. We see a 6 way flop of Ac8h2h. Nice. I check again. Someone puts a £10 bet into the small pot, gets a caller, then I re raise to leave myself £40 left. 2 callers. Turn is a Queen. Loose player leads for £30, again a caller and im all in for my £40. River pairs the 8 and I announce, to a few surprised glances 'Aces Full' and take a nice treble up first hand in.

The next hand of note comes when I have KQ in holdem call a raise 4 way to see a flop of 8Q5. Guy bets £25, gets a caller and I call at the back. turn is a Ten. Guy leads for £55, other player folds. I think for a few moments and decide I have called on the flop thinking I am good so I MUST go with this hand now (I actually place him firmly on QJ) I re reaise another £90 on top and he wells up and calls, saying he thinks he is behind. I now know I am infact behind after this speech and he tables T8 for the mid 2 pair. River comes and duly pairs the 5 for my bigger hand and the villain leaves the game.

I end up not really seeing any other hands all night and manage to cash out a £260 winner. There were 2 big winners on the night, one chap won £700 and the other £500, so my £260 profit was prolly 3rd best overall, closely followed by the Murg who made a house on the river going in with top set in Omaha and being sucked out by the mini wrap on the turn for the river to again duly bring the paired board for the win.

Didn't play online after and wont really be playing much for the near future because I have my mum and dad down this week and have bought a tile cutter and some tiles for our porch which I am going to clean up and make it look decent ready for selling in a year and a half.

Disappointing to see the demise of Burnley Mik, was one of my daily reads. Glad to see Amatay back on the wagon and also good to hear about Yorkie pud's life coming together nicely. Overall the vibe is good in the blogging world and the fish are still out there keeping you guys in rent and mortgage.


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