Monkeys playing for stacks

So had a decent week on the live felt last week when the hag was over from the Czech. Ended up £600 up including the game we ran and a £400 loss in the big Friday night game at Wong's.

The online experience has been shocking again. I am playing with more disapline and control atm but am coming up against some massive hands in setup situations that I am not good enough to get away from. 4 set over sets on the flop in an hour were good for - 4 stacks as was q8 on a A8xx8 board when up against the slow played bullets add a flush over flush to boot and I am a big loser for that session. I have busted my full tilt roll of $600 start and bust a $600 Stars roll on Monday night so still have a lot to think about in terms of how I play my online game. My pre flop calling percentage is up at around 50% atm which is way too high and I am running into situations were I am destined to do stacks.

I have downloaded pokeroffice (http://pokeroffice.com) This seems to be a great alternative to pokertracker and has some much better features imo. I have done the 300 eval hands and will now buy the license, I believe it is around $70 which is fine.

I am again looking at investing in cardrunners after hearing some decent feedback about it a few posts ago, I just don't know whether it will actually add any value to my game because my reading of situations and general game play is up there with the best at any table when I am on form.....I'm just let down by times of madness, tilt and when I am replaced by a monkey at the computer for certain sessions....Monkeys are not healthy for poker bankrolls imo.

Also I heard that my Credit Card has been cloned and the fraud detection peeps are sending out a new one soon....no pokes until this has come through I guess....cnuts.

Plans are developing for the April trip to Vegas, prolly gonna grab a couple of nights in San Fran before and drive there in one of those big mustangs from Vegas, should be a wicked week. I f any of you are over there during this time let me know and we can hook up for some bevs and some poker.

Glad to see that Amatay has made the decision to go pro, seems like a great level headed (on the tarbs) player and should do well in his new career, I genuinely expect him to make 6 figures prof per year and really enjoy what is probably the hardest decision he has had to make in life so far.

Back to the drawing boards for me then, I will update again when the credit card has come through and I am back playing.


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Amatay said...

cheers for the vote of confidence m8 but i am having a nightmare mate