My Poker....

Decided to write an update about my poker plans for the next few months as per Amatay's comment on my last post.

Basically, as most of you know who have been regular readers of this blog I have basically done my pieces online over the past few months on anything from NL100 up to NL1000. There are several reasons for this as mentioned before, like monkey tilt (being the main one) Bad beats (which precedes said monkey tilt) Over playing, winning too much (wtf!!?!?!) etc I am imo I decent poker player and should be a consistent winner at whatever level or game that I sit in. Indeed my tight aggressive live game seems to do me well in most situations and any type of personal bankroll situation, I am not afraid to bluff with my last £ and never afraid to sit in ANY game. This reminds my of the Brighton Festival this year, in the side games to the £1000 Main event I sat in a £100PLHE game where the average stack was £2.5k :-) I sit in with £100 and end up even for the night after 4 tough hours in this massive game, most players would choose not to sit down here, so I feel I have all the attributes of a successful poker player. I need to start really proving this online and will run a bankroll section on the blog for the next few months, starting with something like $500 or so and seeing where I can get it to by the end of December. Then I will set some solid new years resolutions for my poker and march on from there. Vegas in April so I want to be suitably rolled for mid stakes action over there, $5-5NL -$5-10NL.

Work is going ok, struggling to hit target this quarter (ends at the end of Dec) have booked $22k for the company so far against a $145k target so things not looking that great for me here atm, although I have $30k ready to be placed in the next week which takes me above $50 and another $30k pending before the second week in December which takes me circa $80k.

I will inform you all in the next post where I will be playing in the next few months and exacts around bankroll and BRM moving forward and what limits you will find me at. I have really improved my PLO live game and may give that a shot online at low stakes and see how I get on, maybe even a roll for PLO and a roll for NLH. I could do with some advice from players/readers that have re built their poker careers before or had to drop down to the lower limits after playing a long time at the mid/higher stakes....

Good to see the Murg doing well on mansion and CD poker, taken $150 up to over $600 in a matter of days....hopefully we will see those rolls march on in the next few months. Also the Hag (http://jacobhag.blogspot.com) trying to get back to his optimum roll, I know he had a big hit last night of like 6 BI's or so....keep an eye on him though, very good read and definitely a player that has the ability to do very well in this game, wouldn't be surprised with a hag big tourney win in 2008 or qualifying for a main event somewhere for a small outlay.

Jamie Gold....what a d'ck.....end of


The Art of the Speech Play :-)

Firstly before I start I want to hear some comments on the linked hand below. You may have already seen it (if you have would still like your opinion on it) Sammy Farha vs Jamie Gold in High Stakes Poker Season 4. I really dont know whether Sammy was 'saving Jamie money' here or just thinking that he may be beat with either a house of trips.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hULMh1dZks First part,

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_3RgF5Op3w&feature=related Rest of the hand

I personally think that Farha thinks that there is enough in the pot already not to run the risk of falling into a Jamie Gold 'speech play' with a FH or trips. But then on the other hand i believe that Farha has read Gold for KK and KK only or maybe even AA....prolly not even QQ, just KK or AA. So why would you not bet 185K on the riv when you 'know' what your opponent has and the pot is already $400k, it's not even a 1/2 pot bet here and has to be made, especially when you look at the ridiculous pre flop action. I think Jamie litterally talked his way out of a $185k further loss like he virtually talked his way to the WSOP crown last year. I think he really confused Sammy by constantly jibbering and saying 'I know you have AA' etc that finally Sammy gave up on the final bet......what do you guys think......I think this is a hand that could cause much debate.

Well the house is coming along nicely atm, mum and dad have been down for the past couple of days doing the painting in our front room and out in the porchway, looks alot cleaner and better imo. We havent got alot to do now in the house, only the driveway, garden and tiling in the bathroom and porchway then we are finito!

Will probably grab a couple of hours on the tables this Sun after mum and dad have gone home, will play a little with the £17.50 i found on Sky Poker and might have a little flutter on Full tilt as well if im feeling up to that.

Anyway, Vindaloo tonight in the Hook Tandoori so fcuking ship that! Good to see Bluescouse back with a post - all the best to him on his recovery battle....personally think he should sell the house, pay back his debts (£12k) have about £60k+ left for a £20k deposit on a flat, £10k for stuff on the house and a £30k roll for 2.5/5NL and $5/10NL and move up from there.....we wait in anticipation :-)



Havent really been playing much recently, hence the lack of bloggage updateio.

Did manage a couple of hours online on Saturday night tho at the Western Club in London, Arrived there at about 11.00pm to find only one cash game going at 2-4PL but with the average stack over £1k so decided that my £500 total stake for the night was best served keeping the wallet company and being used in a exchange deals with the bar for liquid refreshment. They had about 20 internet terminals at the club though so I decided to redeposit on tilt and fire up 4 tarbs of 1-2NL full ring. I played very steadily and made the odd move now and again but ended up $200 down after my KK got cracked ai on a 769 flop after a $40 re raise pre by none other than the imperious JT...what a call pre and on that flop when I shoved....cant see how he can make this call at either stage of betting....oh well never mind.

Me and the Murg decided about 1-2am to travel back to the Reading area in search of a new game that we could beat on our way home from the Western. We made a few phone calls and found that there was a game running in a house in Finchampstead, 3-3PL Dealers Choice so decided to pull up there and see how things went.

I sat in the game first with lonely looking £100 when the average stack was probably £300 and managed to find AhQhAs3 first hand UTG. I limp (looking obv for the re raise opportunity), no one obliges....as is often the way when you limp in early with monsters. We see a 6 way flop of Ac8h2h. Nice. I check again. Someone puts a £10 bet into the small pot, gets a caller, then I re raise to leave myself £40 left. 2 callers. Turn is a Queen. Loose player leads for £30, again a caller and im all in for my £40. River pairs the 8 and I announce, to a few surprised glances 'Aces Full' and take a nice treble up first hand in.

The next hand of note comes when I have KQ in holdem call a raise 4 way to see a flop of 8Q5. Guy bets £25, gets a caller and I call at the back. turn is a Ten. Guy leads for £55, other player folds. I think for a few moments and decide I have called on the flop thinking I am good so I MUST go with this hand now (I actually place him firmly on QJ) I re reaise another £90 on top and he wells up and calls, saying he thinks he is behind. I now know I am infact behind after this speech and he tables T8 for the mid 2 pair. River comes and duly pairs the 5 for my bigger hand and the villain leaves the game.

I end up not really seeing any other hands all night and manage to cash out a £260 winner. There were 2 big winners on the night, one chap won £700 and the other £500, so my £260 profit was prolly 3rd best overall, closely followed by the Murg who made a house on the river going in with top set in Omaha and being sucked out by the mini wrap on the turn for the river to again duly bring the paired board for the win.

Didn't play online after and wont really be playing much for the near future because I have my mum and dad down this week and have bought a tile cutter and some tiles for our porch which I am going to clean up and make it look decent ready for selling in a year and a half.

Disappointing to see the demise of Burnley Mik, was one of my daily reads. Glad to see Amatay back on the wagon and also good to hear about Yorkie pud's life coming together nicely. Overall the vibe is good in the blogging world and the fish are still out there keeping you guys in rent and mortgage.


NL100 and Sports betting

Yes as the title suggests I have played some NL100 on Party todayand ended up a $100 winner for the daY, I was $300 up but decided to take $200 and try to parlay it into a decent amount at NL400 level where i soon got stacked by QQ vs my 99 on a flop of 258. This 'management' of funds is much better than where i have been before, I actually cashed out the buy in figure and the 100 doll profit before I spun up the remainder at the higher level....a step in the right direction i think!

I have been ill as fcuk all weekend with the flu which i have had since Friday at work so I have been restricted to the sofa for most of the time, apart from watching my rugby team get slaughtered at home by a team we should have had the better of. I bought the Simpsons game for the PS3, seems quality....it is actually like watching the cartoon!

During this sofa time i decided to back my extensive footie knowledge and put my money where my mouth is...well for £5 anyway...actually 5.88 that was my Betfair rakeback from last month lolololol. I had a decent run yesterday and today betting on the english premiership and nailed the following bets:

Sunderland vs Newcastle - Draw
Liverpool vs Fulham - Home win
Aston Villa vs Birmingham - Draw (Last few minutes!!!)
Chelsea vs Everton - Draw
Chelsea vs Everton - Under 2.5 Goals
Bolton vs Middlesbrough - Draw
Man Utd vs Blackburn - Man Utd Clean Sheet
Man Utd vs Blackburn - Under 2.5 goals
Portsmouth vs Man City - 0-0 result coreect score
Portsmouth vs Man City - Draw
Portsmouth vs Man City - Away Win (this was the cover the other 2 bets)

So as you can see those were ALL of my bets for the weekend and from £5.88 I managed to cash off over £85.00 not bad for some knowledge of the game! I have left a small £4 on to try to build another mini betting roll and have it all on Real Madrid to win tonightfor a small £2.50 winner if it comes off. I will not take up sportsbetting in any way other than just to have a bit of fun on the footie and thats about it. I gave the hag another tip aswell on 3 games in an accumulator which would have come in at 4-1....might start posting some footie predictions and tips if i keep getting things right or thereabouts...watch this space. :-)

On the poker front I think i am going to continue playing NL100 or NL200 level full ring on Stars, PP and Full Tilt and spin up the winnings on the higher levels to satisfy my need for bigger action...only tho when i ahve cashed in some sort of profit from the lower tables and the starting roll.

Have bought Poker office which is a great software programme for tracking poker tables, your results, live stats on the table, types of opponents etc. http://www.pokeroffice.com Well worth the investment imo.


Monkeys playing for stacks

So had a decent week on the live felt last week when the hag was over from the Czech. Ended up £600 up including the game we ran and a £400 loss in the big Friday night game at Wong's.

The online experience has been shocking again. I am playing with more disapline and control atm but am coming up against some massive hands in setup situations that I am not good enough to get away from. 4 set over sets on the flop in an hour were good for - 4 stacks as was q8 on a A8xx8 board when up against the slow played bullets add a flush over flush to boot and I am a big loser for that session. I have busted my full tilt roll of $600 start and bust a $600 Stars roll on Monday night so still have a lot to think about in terms of how I play my online game. My pre flop calling percentage is up at around 50% atm which is way too high and I am running into situations were I am destined to do stacks.

I have downloaded pokeroffice (http://pokeroffice.com) This seems to be a great alternative to pokertracker and has some much better features imo. I have done the 300 eval hands and will now buy the license, I believe it is around $70 which is fine.

I am again looking at investing in cardrunners after hearing some decent feedback about it a few posts ago, I just don't know whether it will actually add any value to my game because my reading of situations and general game play is up there with the best at any table when I am on form.....I'm just let down by times of madness, tilt and when I am replaced by a monkey at the computer for certain sessions....Monkeys are not healthy for poker bankrolls imo.

Also I heard that my Credit Card has been cloned and the fraud detection peeps are sending out a new one soon....no pokes until this has come through I guess....cnuts.

Plans are developing for the April trip to Vegas, prolly gonna grab a couple of nights in San Fran before and drive there in one of those big mustangs from Vegas, should be a wicked week. I f any of you are over there during this time let me know and we can hook up for some bevs and some poker.

Glad to see that Amatay has made the decision to go pro, seems like a great level headed (on the tarbs) player and should do well in his new career, I genuinely expect him to make 6 figures prof per year and really enjoy what is probably the hardest decision he has had to make in life so far.

Back to the drawing boards for me then, I will update again when the credit card has come through and I am back playing.



TV Murg


One of my poker crew was found on youtube a few days ago. The Murg won a tourney on Mansion for $0.01 about a year ago and was whisked off to Vegas to stay in the Caesers Palace and was entered into the 'PokerDome' tourney where the winner of each 6 handed shootout received $25k and the overall winner of the series a cool $1mill. Anyway the link is baove for the first segment of the programme. The most interesting hands that the Murg was involved in are below. 2 big hands where he makes 2 massive folds, one worldclass and one village class.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCm75B6bx0U Crazy lay down??!! 'what is he thinking?'

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-J4bNc3uGU Commentators loved this one!!

What a guy, the Murg is indeed a global force. Holla.

Well the Hag is here and things are going well on the poker scene. I will leave it to him to update his readers with results etc. Some great stories on and off the tarbs this week and plans to visit the fullhouse in Reigate tonight then the big Friday night game at Wong's late/early morning after the tourn in Reigate.

Anyway this was really just a post to lord the murg, the king of the ocean and now a global force. GG