New Years Poker thoughts

Right then...new year....new goals. First thing is first I am going to commit to keeping this blog updated regularly, every few days I reckon. I am really looking forward to 2007 think it has all the makings of a great year for me with my new job at Cisco and my first trip planned for vegas.

So over to my poker goals for 2007.

1) Do not go broke, like Ben Grundy puts it this should be the first goal on anyones list!
2) Build a $10k Bank roll for 2008
3) try to limit my anger management and TILT, If i feel het head syndrome then it is time to come off and reset with a fresh head later.
4) Keep a dedicated record of ANY wins and losses no matter how large or small, I havent been a winning player recently and I believe that I am skilled enough to succeed in the game so now need to proove this to Mr HSBC Gold Card.
5) dont play anything over 2-4NL, have done alot of money playing 5-10 and 10-20 over the past 6 months, time to be more professional in my bankroll management.
6) Qualify for a major tournament via a sattelite

I think these goals are achieveable for sure if I get off to a reasonable start in January. I only want to be playing about 10 table hours per week really and will be mostly online because of work commitments. I definately want to cut my teeth in the MTTs as there can be some excellent value there and some big pay days. First thing is first though I need to pay off the credit card which stands at 1250 as I type then will settle down on a couple of sites and start to build a bankroll.

I have started using http://www.pokerdominator.com/ to track my results, this is a pretty good poker tracker and is free to use which is always nice going into January my last 7 sessions have been good winning $725 including a $500 loss and a $150 loss in a live game at TC Poker in Farnborough.

Anyway time for a Fish and Chips now so signing out until next time....