More Action

As we near the end of the Bank Holiday 4 days off extravaganza I am actually looking forward to going back to work to finish off our financial year in style. I am at appoz 150% of target for this quarter and am the leading sales person in the team, have got a couple of deals that I am working on closing with could take me over 200%....nice with under 4 weeks to go till Vegas.

I have played different sites over the past 4 days, Stars, Party and Tilt and have had resonable results on each....I'll have to update Pokertracker to see how much I am up on each. I think I am about $1500 up for the weekend mainly due to a half decent run on Stars (which I only played because I couldn't get money on the other sites!) The mini roll stands just over $2k at the moment from $600 which is ok I guess. Below are some of the more interesting hands from this morning's session:



http://www.pokerhand.org/?2320065 Sick flop here, neither player is going anywhere

http://www.pokerhand.org/?2320069 Interesting play here with 44 :

http://www.pokerhand.org/?2320071 I cant see what I am beating here, I obv think im ahead when I amke the bet, but when he insta calls???!!!

http://www.pokerhand.org/?2320072 Good job I didnt get fruity here....ah the old one outer....joy

http://www.pokerhand.org/?2320074 Interesting hand with the boots, how does he make the call here?? Would you??

http://www.pokerhand.org/?2320077 Perfect river for him, how can I put him on this? Why doesnt he raise??

http://www.pokerhand.org/?2320081 How to lose the max with AAA

http://www.pokerhand.org/?2320084 I cant beat anything here apart from JJ or TT

http://www.pokerhand.org/?2320085 Is this the same hand?? Surely not another Poker Stars setup?

http://www.pokerhand.org/?2320091 Was actually shouting "NO QUEEN!!!"

Would like some opinions maybe on some of the last 2 sets of hand historys that I have posted, I know most of the hands play themselves but any feedback is good.

I had a day off poker yesterday as we drove to Wales to visit the parents, was v v relaxing, ate curry and roast dinner the next day, some shopping, Starbucks etc etc....V nice.

Right off to play the Murg again now at pool and hoping for a better show than the last two visits to the more frustrating green felt.


Might be time to give up the game...

Pool that is.

Lost like 20-3 to a rampaging Murg on Thurs night, played pretty bad and the Murg ran hot for an hour to absolutely destroy me. We play at the snooker club where I used to run my Poker Game in Basingstoke and all the old crew were there again last night, Orlando - the owner, fit rock chick behind the bar, thick colin et al....proper little reunion.

Been well bored today staying in the house watching shit TV and playing a little online. I lost $800 on Party 5-10NL on Thursday night including an 800 doll pot with JJ ai pre vs AQ with the obv Ace on the river to drown me. Later I won $1000 back 8 tabling Party and Full Tilt finishing in the middle of the night Thurs.

Today I cant get anything onto Party because their gay cashier is fooked so I stuck $600 on Stars and that now sits on just a tad over $1000, 2-4 tabling NL200 there trying to get my Stars points up to 10k to get something decent from the shop.

Not really much planned for this BH weekend tbh, Super Sunday is in the diary, will be difficult at Old Trafford but i'm backing Torres to do damage ftw. I have picked Newcastle this week in the last man standing competition that i run at work (I chopped the first comp for £160 each) This time there are 40 runners for a nice £400 pot to shoot at.

Some of the bigger and more interesting hands of my last session are here:

The 88 was a bit of a sick push in hindsight but I had such a loose image on the table i thought he was making a flop play against what he thought was Abig or something, Im hoping that if he does have 99, TT or maybe even JJ or QQ i can get him to fold out anticipating a better hand from me....what are your thoughts here?

Anyway off now to do some cooking for the missus, think lasagne and chips are on the menu at chez binner tonight.

On the blog front nice work Yorkie Pud for landing his Betfair blogging page, will enjoy reading about him making his $17 dollar scores etc..... Come on and tell us all whats going on in life Pud mate...we eagerly wait.

GL all



Had a half decent weekend.

Went to play pool on Friday night with the Murg and had my worse game ever, shitty loud music booming out and a table lean to boot helped me to a 6-2 loss to the gloating murg.

Decided to find a local game and rang round the usual suspects to find there was a 1-2PL holdem game running in Harrow way, Stanmore, so drove out there and sat in with £100. Average stack on the table was prolly £200 but there were a couple of guys with like £500-£800 in front of them so I pulled up another £300 after an hour or so to have over £500 infront of me just incase a pick up a monster against these boys (also to make them less happy about 3 betting me on the bluff). I hit a few hands and end up about £220, the Murg wins aswell for a £150 score and we drive home content with the night.

Online I had another 2 good sessions where I win $1000 then do $600 in a Sun night session (I Fcuking hate Sundays!!) I have top and bottom pair on the turn called by a bare flush draw that obv hit the river and several 2nd best hands aswell as a couple of Bluffy the Vampire Slayers caught for approx $300 total. So i end up cashing out a $400 profit online for the weekend and my rakeback for the month sits on about $200 at present on FTP.

I am playing a much better game online at present and have won approx $2.5k this month after 6k hands. My target on the month is to complete 10k hands min and make a $3k profit total...nice for part time work imo.

I also had the pleasure of watching Mattasow and Urindanger run Omaha flips for $2k each on FTP on Sunday, Mattasow is such a lucky fish, hit virtually everything and finished up nicely at $20k profit....Ben Grundy obv fancied himself in this game but as he sat down was very politely told to fcuk off by the guys and so he did with his tail firmly between his legs..... lolololol

Work is good at the moment, looking to do 150% of target this quarter for our year end so that means a decent pay packet at the end of April. We are doing up the whole outside of our house with that money and the money saved recently. We have about $10k to do the driveway, fencing, gates and patio so should be really nice soon....will prolly post some before and after pics to show the difference.

Vegas is fast approaching, countdown at the moment is approx 4 weeks, Imperial Palace then the Venician for a Thurs till the following Friday stint.....gonna wind the yanks right up on the tables....bet riase bet re raise, 'you call that a bet' etc etc etc.....hopefully amke some spends whilst over there and might buy another watch from the Uboat outlet in our hotel.



***EDIT ***Just finished a couple of hour session in 2 halves. Took my roll down to $300 at one point then decided to lump it all on a NL1000 HU match and took that $300 up to $2.4k.

This hand got me on my way nicely


Thanks also goes out to this river of love...is this my best river ever I ask myself??


This one then compounded his misery very next hand


Now I am marching....this happens for the hat trick, I am now nearly $1300 profit in 3 hands


I then proceed to donk off about $800 at 1/2NL until I cash out $1400 and leave myself $300 to take to a NL1000 HU game before bed.

In 44 hands I win another $741 profit from one very passive player, every time he trys a button steal I am 3 betting him and I am raising every button and really putting the pressure on.
So now the roll has just over $900 on it (with the $1400 safely cashed out to mcbank to ease the strain of the creditcard somewhat :-)

I am be trying to play alot of NL100 again for the rest of this week, trying to build on this roll and take it up to the $2k mark hopefully by this time next week.

I checked my PT info today and I have already played over 3k hands in March....my aim is to play over 10k hands in the month to build those FTP points and rakeback up.

GL to you guys. Binner

Big cash game and online nightmare

I have just come off the back of another poker filled weekend and managed to break even on the cyber felt after being up $800 at one point. Went back to 3 tables of NL200 6MAX and got run all over. Overpair vs Overpair, flush and straight draw vs Top pair, Top pair vs Overpair, Trips vs Trips....and good old mother Tilt for about 2 stacks. Marv. Roll down to where I started for the weekend. Managed to play my target of 1k hands (think i did about 2.5k) so the rakeback should be ok. Want to put in at least 10k hands this month at NL100 and NL200 FR and 6Max.

Everything has been booked for Vegas now. Imperial Palace for the first 4 nights then the Venitian for the second half of the trip, looking forward to catching up with a mate from OZ and playing alot of poker and winding the grinding yanks up at the tarbs....it's gonna be a cowboy hat and tequila sunrises for me all the way!

I played in a massive private cash game on Saturday night after being out drinking in town. They even sent a car 20 miles to pick us up and bring us to the game. Got there and there were the usual faces. The Wong, golf pro Jamie, Chinese Toni, the professor, Nikki the cnut, Big Chris etc and with all these regular faces came the regular chip stacks benith them. Prolly £13k on the table for a Dealers choice 3-3PL game with a £10 live blind from anywhere. Made for a massive game in which Iended up £100 down in the end. £60-£100 was a regular pre flop bet and pots were usually over £200...sick action all round, a great way to spead a Sun morning imo.

Work is going well and looking to do 150% this quarter which means more buckaroos towards the driveway and back garden, which I will spend about £2k on in May time, patio, lawn, shed, dining table etc....should be cool. Will post pictures as and when.

I feel a bit down atm about my poker after getting rinsed after a lot of hard work, will put some hours in this week and hopefully win a few buy ins back.