Big cash game and online nightmare

I have just come off the back of another poker filled weekend and managed to break even on the cyber felt after being up $800 at one point. Went back to 3 tables of NL200 6MAX and got run all over. Overpair vs Overpair, flush and straight draw vs Top pair, Top pair vs Overpair, Trips vs Trips....and good old mother Tilt for about 2 stacks. Marv. Roll down to where I started for the weekend. Managed to play my target of 1k hands (think i did about 2.5k) so the rakeback should be ok. Want to put in at least 10k hands this month at NL100 and NL200 FR and 6Max.

Everything has been booked for Vegas now. Imperial Palace for the first 4 nights then the Venitian for the second half of the trip, looking forward to catching up with a mate from OZ and playing alot of poker and winding the grinding yanks up at the tarbs....it's gonna be a cowboy hat and tequila sunrises for me all the way!

I played in a massive private cash game on Saturday night after being out drinking in town. They even sent a car 20 miles to pick us up and bring us to the game. Got there and there were the usual faces. The Wong, golf pro Jamie, Chinese Toni, the professor, Nikki the cnut, Big Chris etc and with all these regular faces came the regular chip stacks benith them. Prolly £13k on the table for a Dealers choice 3-3PL game with a £10 live blind from anywhere. Made for a massive game in which Iended up £100 down in the end. £60-£100 was a regular pre flop bet and pots were usually over £200...sick action all round, a great way to spead a Sun morning imo.

Work is going well and looking to do 150% this quarter which means more buckaroos towards the driveway and back garden, which I will spend about £2k on in May time, patio, lawn, shed, dining table etc....should be cool. Will post pictures as and when.

I feel a bit down atm about my poker after getting rinsed after a lot of hard work, will put some hours in this week and hopefully win a few buy ins back.

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