Might be time to give up the game...

Pool that is.

Lost like 20-3 to a rampaging Murg on Thurs night, played pretty bad and the Murg ran hot for an hour to absolutely destroy me. We play at the snooker club where I used to run my Poker Game in Basingstoke and all the old crew were there again last night, Orlando - the owner, fit rock chick behind the bar, thick colin et al....proper little reunion.

Been well bored today staying in the house watching shit TV and playing a little online. I lost $800 on Party 5-10NL on Thursday night including an 800 doll pot with JJ ai pre vs AQ with the obv Ace on the river to drown me. Later I won $1000 back 8 tabling Party and Full Tilt finishing in the middle of the night Thurs.

Today I cant get anything onto Party because their gay cashier is fooked so I stuck $600 on Stars and that now sits on just a tad over $1000, 2-4 tabling NL200 there trying to get my Stars points up to 10k to get something decent from the shop.

Not really much planned for this BH weekend tbh, Super Sunday is in the diary, will be difficult at Old Trafford but i'm backing Torres to do damage ftw. I have picked Newcastle this week in the last man standing competition that i run at work (I chopped the first comp for £160 each) This time there are 40 runners for a nice £400 pot to shoot at.

Some of the bigger and more interesting hands of my last session are here:

The 88 was a bit of a sick push in hindsight but I had such a loose image on the table i thought he was making a flop play against what he thought was Abig or something, Im hoping that if he does have 99, TT or maybe even JJ or QQ i can get him to fold out anticipating a better hand from me....what are your thoughts here?

Anyway off now to do some cooking for the missus, think lasagne and chips are on the menu at chez binner tonight.

On the blog front nice work Yorkie Pud for landing his Betfair blogging page, will enjoy reading about him making his $17 dollar scores etc..... Come on and tell us all whats going on in life Pud mate...we eagerly wait.

GL all

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