Had a half decent weekend.

Went to play pool on Friday night with the Murg and had my worse game ever, shitty loud music booming out and a table lean to boot helped me to a 6-2 loss to the gloating murg.

Decided to find a local game and rang round the usual suspects to find there was a 1-2PL holdem game running in Harrow way, Stanmore, so drove out there and sat in with £100. Average stack on the table was prolly £200 but there were a couple of guys with like £500-£800 in front of them so I pulled up another £300 after an hour or so to have over £500 infront of me just incase a pick up a monster against these boys (also to make them less happy about 3 betting me on the bluff). I hit a few hands and end up about £220, the Murg wins aswell for a £150 score and we drive home content with the night.

Online I had another 2 good sessions where I win $1000 then do $600 in a Sun night session (I Fcuking hate Sundays!!) I have top and bottom pair on the turn called by a bare flush draw that obv hit the river and several 2nd best hands aswell as a couple of Bluffy the Vampire Slayers caught for approx $300 total. So i end up cashing out a $400 profit online for the weekend and my rakeback for the month sits on about $200 at present on FTP.

I am playing a much better game online at present and have won approx $2.5k this month after 6k hands. My target on the month is to complete 10k hands min and make a $3k profit total...nice for part time work imo.

I also had the pleasure of watching Mattasow and Urindanger run Omaha flips for $2k each on FTP on Sunday, Mattasow is such a lucky fish, hit virtually everything and finished up nicely at $20k profit....Ben Grundy obv fancied himself in this game but as he sat down was very politely told to fcuk off by the guys and so he did with his tail firmly between his legs..... lolololol

Work is good at the moment, looking to do 150% of target this quarter for our year end so that means a decent pay packet at the end of April. We are doing up the whole outside of our house with that money and the money saved recently. We have about $10k to do the driveway, fencing, gates and patio so should be really nice soon....will prolly post some before and after pics to show the difference.

Vegas is fast approaching, countdown at the moment is approx 4 weeks, Imperial Palace then the Venician for a Thurs till the following Friday stint.....gonna wind the yanks right up on the tables....bet riase bet re raise, 'you call that a bet' etc etc etc.....hopefully amke some spends whilst over there and might buy another watch from the Uboat outlet in our hotel.

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