Vegas....1 week and counting

Vegas is only a week away now and i'm fcuking mad for it, should be a right crack.

Get there next Thurs evening and staying until the following Friday. Already got our eyes on several tournies to pass the time, although when I get there will probably just want to play cash and drink ridik cocktails blah blah blah.

Am meeting up with several peeps whilst im over there, Have an old mate coming over from Oz on the Monday night, a local girl from me with Dr Singh's finest work on her chest, Smart Money and his crew (see link...cracking blog) amongst others....should be a right crack...well looking forward to it now.

The Basingstoke Poker Game is back up and running this week (will attach a couple of pics from the game last year that we ran). The room has had a complete refurb since last time with full air conditioning and new carpet and fully decorated. Am hoping for 30+ runners first week..... could be plans to hold a bloggers game there in the near future, watch this space on that one....any thoughts guys....might get intouch with Burnley Mik and get a RTR theme going on....would be fun.

My fooking fone is now bruk with the poxy screen cracking and now i cant see any piece of the screen....fooking rubbish, have looked at the Iphone so might invest in one of those this weekend.

Oh yeah, I have bought 2 brand new 22" widescreens for my Poker setup now for £100 each...Samsung ones aswell, got a decent price as they are usually £200 each so happy days imo, will get them set up asap after Vegas when I can sort out a bigger desk for my spare room.....

Haven't played much poker recently because of getting the game sorted out and been well busy at work with year end and everything. Things at work went well and I did 300% of quarter target which was nice and will furnish me with beer tokens for Vegas. Last game I played i won a quick 800 doll on PP at 1-2NL and am waiting for rakeback conf from FTP.

Anyway keep up the blogging chaps, GL