Resolution let down

hmmm, already broken one of my new years resolutions. Have played 2.50/5 and 5/10 since my last post. According to Poker Tracker I am $1300 up since 12th December, not bad I guess. I received £65 from Betfair for rakeback for dec and spun it up to $500 on a 2.5NL table just now before doing the whole lot when a chump on the table sent me on absolute tilt. Realised i was on tilt when i was back down to $190 so should have come off then. Terrible. Bad mood management.

In general my play has been a lot more consistant since i have started blogging and recording my results in poker tracker.

Best friend James will be down from Czech Rep in February so gonna wait until then to blaze live, probably do Reading Casino and TCs Poker. Distinct lack of live roll though at the moment because no commission due from work and a lIverpool Trip on Tues to watch Liverpool vs Arsenal in the Carling Cup Quarter at Anfield.

Anyway, until next time.....