Basingstoke Game Running Strong

Well haven't played much poker since the last time I posted. Probably had like 2 sessions, losing about $800 in total so not the greatest, although I did get $16 dollar of rake back on FTP so it wasn't all bad.

The Basingstoke game that myself and the Murg re introduced to the world of crazy live poker is now fully up and running and omg the plays have been shocking! All In's called by Q3 and A4 are standard cash game plays in Basingstoke and the game is quickly developing into a great hunting ground for those that know JTs is a favourite vs 22 AIPF.

Chaps at Raise the River, BM, Pud, Ama, let me know what your thoughts are of hosting a RTR game in the Basingstoke club, put a reply in and let em know of your interest. Would be great to get a blogging live tourney and cash games going like a couple of times a year....like a RTR World Series. We can cater for up to 80 runners with 10,000 starting stacks and long clocks...let me know your thoughts.

On the house front, work has started in earnest on the front driveway, fencing and back garden fencing and patio. Should be finished in 2 weeks all ready to dig the trench for the electric cable for the shed lights, get the new patio dining set out from the garage and get ready for BBQ's and Poker in the summer nights....what more can you ask for!

Work is going well at the moment. I have been in Dublin last week for 3 days and am off to Scotland this week to hopefully sign a couple of deals in Aberdeen. Spent this weekend in Wales with the missus running the race for life for cancer so have done all parts of the Britain in a week! Crazy tired though at the moment and looking forward to coming back and planning for next quarter, there are a couple of promotions floating around at the moment and I want to make sure my name is on them.

One last thing, isn't petrol shit at the moment, what the fuck is £1.20 a lire all about, thieving cunts....


I'm back

Ok, Firstly sorry for the lack of updates. Things have been so hectic, what with Vegas, new year and territory at work, house stuff and setting up the Basingstoke game again.

So where shall I start....Maybe Vegas would be a good place. So 8 days of madness, started off in the Imperial dump then moved on to the fantastic Venetian a few doors down. I managed to see the Calzaghe/Hopkins weigh in...and managed to start a chant of 'You're supposed to be at home' to Hopkins which was backed by 8,000 Joe fans which was cool. Saw Sly Stallone (one of my hollywood heros) amongst a few famous faces there.

Poker was ok, not as loose as expected. I managed to play prolly 20 odd hours all trip and win about 2.5k there (although I went on to lose about 1.5k on Blackjack and roulette through the holiday) Played mainly at Ceasers but also at Planet Hollywood, Venetian, Imperial ( I think that was it).

Bought loads of cheap clothing, 4 pairs of trainers for like £18 each, Tim Boots for like £26, a wicked Jordan basketball top and some Tiffany for the missus from Ceasers.

Overall had a wicked time, met up with Smart money for some pokes and drinks in Ceasers (big shout out to him, a top guy and my thoughts are with you at this sad time).

Work ended up finishing well with me doing 199% for my years target and earning the most I have ever earnt in one year. I have started off this year well and in 2 months have had before tax earnings of +£15k so hopefully I can go over last years earnings...so I wont have to play much poker :-) I am really excited by the work challenge at the moment and am looking to further my sales skills in a hunt for promotion before this year is out, will keep you posted on that front. I am reading some great books at the moment and they are certainly helping my confidence and keeping my skills finely tuned in the sales world.

So I'm not really playing any poker at present. I had a bad run of about -$7k on FTP a little while ago and have now stopped and am enjoying my break. I must admit there are times when the lure of the online game gets to me and I feel compelled to chase the +EV dream, but a probably haven't played now in a month and that is the way I will continue until I feel comfortable again with a clear battle plan in mind.

Everything is good on the house front. We have a block paving company coming in at the start of next week to do our front and back gardens, aswell as new fencing etc, set us back a cool £6k but im sure it will be worth it, will post some before and after pictures when the work has been completed.

On the blog front i love bluescouse's last entry:

turned the £500 into £6750 last night, and got up to £15k-18k tonight during the peak of my final session today. then i lost it all within the next 45mins.

world class mate....sure he will be back firing soon, look forward to the next installment.

Amatay's ridik challenge looks like a beaut...I definitely wouldn't abck against that fish, when his mind is on the game fully there are few better at grinding it out.

Liking Yorkie Pud's new blog...well done mate, keep up the work.

Bring on the Murg I say...this fish has posted a few comments here and there and is a friend and the guy I run the Friday night game with. Bring on the blogging action big man.

The Hag, now back from another trip to the UK, bring on updatio Mcgratio mate....I know that roll is marching northwards....let us know the lastest dude.

Anonomous' everywhere....grow some real balls and stick your goings on in a blog and let us sit back and wtach your perils at 1p/2p blinds...getting 3 outers for 28p pots and the like. I think I speak for all the decent bloggers out there when I say this.

The basingstoke game is running well at the moment (Picture of last week's cash game at the top of the entry). We are doing a £30 min sit down cash game from 8.00pm every Friday at the moment until we can get the funds together to promote the tournament more heavily in the area. Friday was good. Had a grand on the table by 11pm and the big pots were getting shipped to all corners of the table. Amatay when you looking to grace us with your presense my good man, 24 hour drinking and loose cash games would suit you fine....bring some boys if you fancy. Let me know fishay :-)

Until next time