Basingstoke Game Running Strong

Well haven't played much poker since the last time I posted. Probably had like 2 sessions, losing about $800 in total so not the greatest, although I did get $16 dollar of rake back on FTP so it wasn't all bad.

The Basingstoke game that myself and the Murg re introduced to the world of crazy live poker is now fully up and running and omg the plays have been shocking! All In's called by Q3 and A4 are standard cash game plays in Basingstoke and the game is quickly developing into a great hunting ground for those that know JTs is a favourite vs 22 AIPF.

Chaps at Raise the River, BM, Pud, Ama, let me know what your thoughts are of hosting a RTR game in the Basingstoke club, put a reply in and let em know of your interest. Would be great to get a blogging live tourney and cash games going like a couple of times a year....like a RTR World Series. We can cater for up to 80 runners with 10,000 starting stacks and long clocks...let me know your thoughts.

On the house front, work has started in earnest on the front driveway, fencing and back garden fencing and patio. Should be finished in 2 weeks all ready to dig the trench for the electric cable for the shed lights, get the new patio dining set out from the garage and get ready for BBQ's and Poker in the summer nights....what more can you ask for!

Work is going well at the moment. I have been in Dublin last week for 3 days and am off to Scotland this week to hopefully sign a couple of deals in Aberdeen. Spent this weekend in Wales with the missus running the race for life for cancer so have done all parts of the Britain in a week! Crazy tired though at the moment and looking forward to coming back and planning for next quarter, there are a couple of promotions floating around at the moment and I want to make sure my name is on them.

One last thing, isn't petrol shit at the moment, what the fuck is £1.20 a lire all about, thieving cunts....

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Pud's Poker said...

Hey Binner, I'll point the guys towards this post and see what they think. Quite a lot of the members are southern softies so will probably take you up on it!