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Decided to write an update about my poker plans for the next few months as per Amatay's comment on my last post.

Basically, as most of you know who have been regular readers of this blog I have basically done my pieces online over the past few months on anything from NL100 up to NL1000. There are several reasons for this as mentioned before, like monkey tilt (being the main one) Bad beats (which precedes said monkey tilt) Over playing, winning too much (wtf!!?!?!) etc I am imo I decent poker player and should be a consistent winner at whatever level or game that I sit in. Indeed my tight aggressive live game seems to do me well in most situations and any type of personal bankroll situation, I am not afraid to bluff with my last £ and never afraid to sit in ANY game. This reminds my of the Brighton Festival this year, in the side games to the £1000 Main event I sat in a £100PLHE game where the average stack was £2.5k :-) I sit in with £100 and end up even for the night after 4 tough hours in this massive game, most players would choose not to sit down here, so I feel I have all the attributes of a successful poker player. I need to start really proving this online and will run a bankroll section on the blog for the next few months, starting with something like $500 or so and seeing where I can get it to by the end of December. Then I will set some solid new years resolutions for my poker and march on from there. Vegas in April so I want to be suitably rolled for mid stakes action over there, $5-5NL -$5-10NL.

Work is going ok, struggling to hit target this quarter (ends at the end of Dec) have booked $22k for the company so far against a $145k target so things not looking that great for me here atm, although I have $30k ready to be placed in the next week which takes me above $50 and another $30k pending before the second week in December which takes me circa $80k.

I will inform you all in the next post where I will be playing in the next few months and exacts around bankroll and BRM moving forward and what limits you will find me at. I have really improved my PLO live game and may give that a shot online at low stakes and see how I get on, maybe even a roll for PLO and a roll for NLH. I could do with some advice from players/readers that have re built their poker careers before or had to drop down to the lower limits after playing a long time at the mid/higher stakes....

Good to see the Murg doing well on mansion and CD poker, taken $150 up to over $600 in a matter of days....hopefully we will see those rolls march on in the next few months. Also the Hag (http://jacobhag.blogspot.com) trying to get back to his optimum roll, I know he had a big hit last night of like 6 BI's or so....keep an eye on him though, very good read and definitely a player that has the ability to do very well in this game, wouldn't be surprised with a hag big tourney win in 2008 or qualifying for a main event somewhere for a small outlay.

Jamie Gold....what a d'ck.....end of


BurnleyMik said...

Glad to see you have a plan of attack mate. Hope it really pays off.

Could you please link up the new blog:



The Hag said...

Alright binner

The Farha/Gold hand was a joke, it lasted what 11 minutes? Gold is a retard for calling the flop bet when he 'knew' Farha had AA, and Farha is a retard for not pushing the river, then made out that he was doing Gold a favour.

He just got Jedi mind fucked into checking behind, that's pretty much all Gold is good at. It honestly tilted me to watch.

Good to see you have got another plan, hope it goes well mate, if you just played your live game online, your variance would be back to normal and I'm pretty sure your win rate would increase too.

You never tilt live. Why? And whatever the reason is, why can't you apply it to online? Is it the interaction with people? If it is I guess you're fucked, but I'm sure you will find a way.

The Hag

CarmenSinCity said...

So, here's the real question - are you coming out to Vegas?

Binner said...

Hey Carmen

Yeah, will be out in Vegas in April 08...would be good to catch up with a few guys and gals when im out there. We'll have to hook up for a beer if you're around?

GD said...
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Binner said...

I seem to have attracted some sort of 'keyboard warrior'. Please stop spamming. You are obviously a very small man that sits in room tugging away to redtube all day posting useless rubbish on other peoples blogs....go back to your room and play some 2p/4p nl you helmet....keyboard warriors hey....lol

Anonymous said...

check amatays blog, second post down

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BurnleyMik said...


Come on fella!!! ;o)

Who was the keyboard warrior?




The Hag said...

lack of updates is pretty disgraceful imo.