NL100 and Sports betting

Yes as the title suggests I have played some NL100 on Party todayand ended up a $100 winner for the daY, I was $300 up but decided to take $200 and try to parlay it into a decent amount at NL400 level where i soon got stacked by QQ vs my 99 on a flop of 258. This 'management' of funds is much better than where i have been before, I actually cashed out the buy in figure and the 100 doll profit before I spun up the remainder at the higher level....a step in the right direction i think!

I have been ill as fcuk all weekend with the flu which i have had since Friday at work so I have been restricted to the sofa for most of the time, apart from watching my rugby team get slaughtered at home by a team we should have had the better of. I bought the Simpsons game for the PS3, seems quality....it is actually like watching the cartoon!

During this sofa time i decided to back my extensive footie knowledge and put my money where my mouth is...well for £5 anyway...actually 5.88 that was my Betfair rakeback from last month lolololol. I had a decent run yesterday and today betting on the english premiership and nailed the following bets:

Sunderland vs Newcastle - Draw
Liverpool vs Fulham - Home win
Aston Villa vs Birmingham - Draw (Last few minutes!!!)
Chelsea vs Everton - Draw
Chelsea vs Everton - Under 2.5 Goals
Bolton vs Middlesbrough - Draw
Man Utd vs Blackburn - Man Utd Clean Sheet
Man Utd vs Blackburn - Under 2.5 goals
Portsmouth vs Man City - 0-0 result coreect score
Portsmouth vs Man City - Draw
Portsmouth vs Man City - Away Win (this was the cover the other 2 bets)

So as you can see those were ALL of my bets for the weekend and from £5.88 I managed to cash off over £85.00 not bad for some knowledge of the game! I have left a small £4 on to try to build another mini betting roll and have it all on Real Madrid to win tonightfor a small £2.50 winner if it comes off. I will not take up sportsbetting in any way other than just to have a bit of fun on the footie and thats about it. I gave the hag another tip aswell on 3 games in an accumulator which would have come in at 4-1....might start posting some footie predictions and tips if i keep getting things right or thereabouts...watch this space. :-)

On the poker front I think i am going to continue playing NL100 or NL200 level full ring on Stars, PP and Full Tilt and spin up the winnings on the higher levels to satisfy my need for bigger action...only tho when i ahve cashed in some sort of profit from the lower tables and the starting roll.

Have bought Poker office which is a great software programme for tracking poker tables, your results, live stats on the table, types of opponents etc. http://www.pokeroffice.com Well worth the investment imo.


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