TV Murg


One of my poker crew was found on youtube a few days ago. The Murg won a tourney on Mansion for $0.01 about a year ago and was whisked off to Vegas to stay in the Caesers Palace and was entered into the 'PokerDome' tourney where the winner of each 6 handed shootout received $25k and the overall winner of the series a cool $1mill. Anyway the link is baove for the first segment of the programme. The most interesting hands that the Murg was involved in are below. 2 big hands where he makes 2 massive folds, one worldclass and one village class.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCm75B6bx0U Crazy lay down??!! 'what is he thinking?'

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-J4bNc3uGU Commentators loved this one!!

What a guy, the Murg is indeed a global force. Holla.

Well the Hag is here and things are going well on the poker scene. I will leave it to him to update his readers with results etc. Some great stories on and off the tarbs this week and plans to visit the fullhouse in Reigate tonight then the big Friday night game at Wong's late/early morning after the tourn in Reigate.

Anyway this was really just a post to lord the murg, the king of the ocean and now a global force. GG

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