The Art of the Speech Play :-)

Firstly before I start I want to hear some comments on the linked hand below. You may have already seen it (if you have would still like your opinion on it) Sammy Farha vs Jamie Gold in High Stakes Poker Season 4. I really dont know whether Sammy was 'saving Jamie money' here or just thinking that he may be beat with either a house of trips.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hULMh1dZks First part,

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_3RgF5Op3w&feature=related Rest of the hand

I personally think that Farha thinks that there is enough in the pot already not to run the risk of falling into a Jamie Gold 'speech play' with a FH or trips. But then on the other hand i believe that Farha has read Gold for KK and KK only or maybe even AA....prolly not even QQ, just KK or AA. So why would you not bet 185K on the riv when you 'know' what your opponent has and the pot is already $400k, it's not even a 1/2 pot bet here and has to be made, especially when you look at the ridiculous pre flop action. I think Jamie litterally talked his way out of a $185k further loss like he virtually talked his way to the WSOP crown last year. I think he really confused Sammy by constantly jibbering and saying 'I know you have AA' etc that finally Sammy gave up on the final bet......what do you guys think......I think this is a hand that could cause much debate.

Well the house is coming along nicely atm, mum and dad have been down for the past couple of days doing the painting in our front room and out in the porchway, looks alot cleaner and better imo. We havent got alot to do now in the house, only the driveway, garden and tiling in the bathroom and porchway then we are finito!

Will probably grab a couple of hours on the tables this Sun after mum and dad have gone home, will play a little with the £17.50 i found on Sky Poker and might have a little flutter on Full tilt as well if im feeling up to that.

Anyway, Vindaloo tonight in the Hook Tandoori so fcuking ship that! Good to see Bluescouse back with a post - all the best to him on his recovery battle....personally think he should sell the house, pay back his debts (£12k) have about £60k+ left for a £20k deposit on a flat, £10k for stuff on the house and a £30k roll for 2.5/5NL and $5/10NL and move up from there.....we wait in anticipation :-)


The Murg said...

Interesting hand...

Its initially worth noting that Sammy Farha is a multi multi multi millionaire and is heads up against a journalist that luckboxed his way to (half of) $12 million.

With regards to the way the hand plays out, I think that if any card other than a King or Ten comes on the river then Sammy is 100% moving in imo.

Its great watching how the different pros value money - I recall that Antonio Esfandiari wrote a column about how much of a mindfuck it was with a raise in those games being enough to buy a house and how scared he was to bluff - all this from a guy who is pretty creative in tourneys.

Its especially apparant that Gold is uncomfortable at these big games: all that nervous babbling reminded me of Dustin Hoffman in Rainman (one for good, two for bad).

Personally, my favourite moment from High Stakes Poker was when Gus Hansen hit quads against Daniel Negreanu - i've studied the look on his face as he hits quads and the composure of the guy is just unbelievable considering the stakes. Well worth a look.

Binner said...

Nice comment Murg....insta agree with you on the Gus hand, that was sick...not even a blink as the quad card hit the turn...world class.

Agree with your opinion on the hand, how can you put Gold on a ten here tho, considering the action pre. If he has a house or trips he moves into the river in first position he doesnt check/call. This just stinks of AA or KK. Sammy has to move in here and see that little fcuker cry his big blues out as he loses a $800k pot!

poker blog watcher said...

I'm still pretty new on the poker scene. I enjoyed the clips. If you didn't know it was a card game you would almost think it was a pair of actors.

My gut feeling was that Sammy did let Gold off the hook. My opinion is that in the long run this was a win for Sammy. He did Gold a favour and perhaps it will be repaid one day.

Also I imagine these guys are friends with each other as well as it helping to make good TV.

However, being a newbie, I could be totally wrong...as usual.

Amatay said...

Jamie Gold is a tit!
Hows your poker exploits coming on anyways binner ?

Michael said...

A very interesting hand and you can tell (with the help of knowing what cards he has) that Gold is really scared that Farha has aces and knows that he can't lay down his kings.

It even looks like Farha is scared which I wouldn't have expected but maybe I'm wrong with that.

But as Gold did throughout the WSOP win, he always told the truth when he was talking.

Something I have noticed quite a lot when playing people live.