Very Low

Another weekend of pain for me. I am at one of my lowest points ever in the poker world, just cant seem to book a decent win!

Managed to win $400 over 2 2.5/5NL tables then decided against my plans to spin it up on 5/10NL against some of the regulars on Betfair, these guys are sitting down with no fear because there rolls are at least 50K, an assumption based on how often I see them on the bigger tables and how many tables they play at one time. I, on the other hand am sitting half stacked with about 20% of my BR on each table....this really is sick but all the blood goes to my right index clicking finger and I cant help myself opening up a game that is way to big for me.

I ended up $1600 down for the weekend and think I played terribly on 5-10 and ok on the 2.5/5 game. I really need to take stock at the moment and may even decide to fire up another site and start afresh, players know me all to well on Betfair now and know I am capable of some insane moves at any point in any hand so generally like to look me up, especially on the 5/10 and 10/20 games where I am half stacking and continuing my aggro style.

Last post I talked about holding a blogger live game somewhere for a chance to all meet up and have a fair few beers and have a great evening of cash/tourney poker. I really think we should pursue this and I would like you guys to drop some suggestions in the comments below. Maybe a twice a year get together in different parts of the country to really keep the 'bloggers union'....bit gay actually that! but to keep it all going. I would love to sit opposite Ed Hollis and check raise Burnley Mik with nothing....think this could be a real winner......appreciate you thoughts guys.

On another note I have joined Raise the River, looks like a great idea and has a great forum by first inspection, I hope to meet alot more bloggers there as this site was created and designed by bloggers....a great idea chaps.....happy to support.


Anonymous said...

I think staying with Betfair is fine, just don't play NL1000 and NL2000; stay with NL500 games where you play really well.

Good luck, mate!

BurnleyMik said...

Thanks for the support of the forum mate.

You might have noticed we are running a weekly tournament soon and the top 4 on the leader board gets to represent Raise the River in the new DTD club in Nottingham, that could also be a good chance for us all to meet up!!

Anyway sorry to hear of the losses.

btw, if you check raise me now, I will be forced to move all in!!! hehehe

Binner said...

No worries Mik, Think the forum is a good site, I will defo be posting on there soon when i have 5 mins. Like the idea about meeting at the DTD club, would be a place fitting of such an event. Do you have a link for the tournament details on RTR?

The Hag said...

Alright you sick fuck.

Bad news brown about the last few sessions.

Defo stay at 2-5 mate, you are much more in your comfort zone there, and you can limit your damage a bit more when you're giddy.

Will defo have to arrange a trip to DTD tho! Is it already open now?

Have checked out that Raise The River too, looks pretty good, will get involved.

Cadmunkey said...

None of those southern puffs would ever come up north.
Nice blog btw.

Amatay said...

Nasty loss mate. The most ive ever loss in one session was 1500 doll and i was sick. Defo up 4 meeting up with you and all the other bloggers one time though.

BurnleyMik said...

LMAO at Cadmuckey!

it's too cold up North for the Southern fairies!!! ;-)