Surely not a weekend win?

I can't remember how it felt to actually have a winning weekend on the tables until this weekend, sure I did it the hard way but it was worth it in the end.

Finished up just under $4k in the end after being down to my last $300 on stars and all in on a stone cold bluff. Had lots of the usual swings though on the way, high point was $4.9k total then it went down to $1.7k so it all went on 3 tables, 2 of 5-10 and 1 of 3-6NLHU. Took the $300 on the 3-6 game to just over $2k and the other 5-10 games to $1k on each so that was a decent result. It got to a point where i was absolutely giddy after having AA and QQ beaten AI pre by 77 and 66, one time a four flush was painted on the board for a 7 high flush to scoop and another time the 2 out 6 came to my opponents rescue. I had to say to myself I am going to continue playing no matter what and i am not, i repeat NOT going to go on tilt! I began to concentrate and just like Friday night I played almost perfect aggressive poker forcing my oponents into corners where they didnt want to be and having the major hands hold up as they should.

I havent got any hand history back yet from Stars but i will try to post some of the more interesting hands asap.

Been in the city today for a meeting with work which was well gash amd have got training all this week so wont be writing much or playing much this week cause i'll be fooked went i come from after listening to a pumped up American all day.

Good to see the Hag back running well, Amatay spreading his seed and Burnley Mik hitting some form on the MTTs, gg fellas. Have been reading Punterz blog (link on the right) great guy and good read....love his Vegas roulette story....sick! Check it out!


Anonymous said...

good good my friend; keep up the good work

now go crush those Betfair games as well!

The Hag said...

You played awesome Friday night man. Nice one. Good to see you back in form and good job that 1.7K turned back into 4 and not 0!!!

2 more weeks til we can have some live HU ;o)) looking forward.