Standard big loss after a win

Well as per usual I have had a bad session after a very good one. A total loss of $1400 last night trying out the 2-4, 3-6 and 5-10 6max tables on Party. I am going to be trying different sites at different times of day to try to find out which ones have the easiest cash games to beat at these levels.

I have decided is is time to invest in some poker tracking software. Seems that everyone has this these days and I am the fool atm that is missing out on this vital information.

Things that I want to know when at the table are the following:

Player profit/loss for that particular session – from this I will be able to determine their mood and thus whether they are more or less likely to be calling more frequently or on tilt. From this I will be be able to adapt my game to suit the conditions of the table more easily.

I want all the information to be ‘Live’ and updated after every hand, I don’t want to wait for the end of a session to upload hand histories etc because I think this is a very reactive way of tracking info and not proactive….also I will not see the true results at the table at the time of playing so may miss vital info.

I want to know how the program views each player and what it classifies them as, ie loose aggro, tight passive etc.

Historical data of course is important, how much the guy won last time round where he raised from and how much etc. I think this is very important to building up a picture on each of your online foes. Mine would say Hyper aggressive lunatic!!!

Can any of you readers out there please suggest something that will help me out here, it would be much appreciated….

I think I have an old copy of Poker office so will try to load that up tonight and see what that actually does, had it years now though and never used so may be out of license or something.


Kirby the German Roofer said...

Roofer here (BurnleyMicks Brother) Just wondering if you could pop by my blog have a read and maybe link me up if you like what you see. Cheers


BurnleyMik said...

try that holdemmanager.net (or something similar)

it's in the beta test at the moment and has a like to PAHUD and continuosly auto updates. It's free at the moment whilst all the testing is being done.

Binner said...

Hey Roofer! Glad to see you here buddy. Will have a look at your blog later and link you up. Cheers.

Mik, Cheers for the advice, I will have a look later at HM. ta bud

Spunksock said...

if you go for pokertracker, then also invest in pokeraceHUD. That will give you all the info you have listed as a requirement.

Amatay said...

Ouchie, harsh lost mate. I play on PP. I see you were playing on PP too. We may have played each other before??? Not sure f i have asked ths already but do you play pokes for a living?

Amatay said...

Ouchie, harsh lost mate. I play on PP. I see you were playing on PP too. We may have played each other before??? Not sure f i have asked ths already but do you play pokes for a living?

Binner said...

No man, have a job working in IT sales for Symantec, may have heard of them they do Antivirus etc. Have been playing for years though, prolly 8 i think in total...still only 25 aswell. Dont know whether i want to ever go pro though due to having to win, nice not to have that. My best mate the hag went pro on no bankroll and got fcuked....maybe would look at it if i was making 5-10k english per month, then it would be worth the gamble but im struggling through atm and have won approx $14k for the year.....i know i could double this + if I had more some to play and study the game but too big a risk atm and noroll.com. Whats your alias on party and when you next on....i will try to disrupt your game ;-)

Amatay said...

My name is cxj_19. Whats yours?

Binner said...

abrinsford on Party, asha b on stars and binner everywhere else mate...look me up son!

Littleacornman said...

Hey binner found your blog via Burnley Miks and it's a fine read.Added you to my blogroll.