Self Harm

Couldn't bring myself to play last night, chose instead to cut my finger open trying to 'assemble' a nest of tables for the living room. I like the way that they use the word assemble in these crappy instructions that you get in flat-packed items...makes it all sound soooo simple. "Just assemble this" or "Instructions how to easily assemble" What a fucking joke that is! You end of busting your arse trying to put together your item of choice, it takes 4 times longer than you think, you end up regularly self harming and the end result never looks the same is the stuff in the catalogue. What do I expect though for the price of a re raise pre flop! I would prefer an option in the Argos catalogue where I could buy an 'already assembled' item and pay double for it....this would definitely be my option of choice, just have to nick a few more blinds!

I'm not looking forward to playing much at the moment, I really need to put some performances in and book some decent wins before the hag http://jacobhag.blogspot.com comes down at the end of October. Plans for the week so far include a home game at my place on the Tuesday, Stanley Casino on Wednesday for the £20 re buy Donk, Friday night will be Full House night for the massive £10 re buy feast http://www.thefullhouse.co.uk They usually get over 80 runners so the first prize is often £1300+ and the cash games are wild at say the least. Saturday night is drinking night in town with some of the old crew from school, should be a right crack with messers Telbut, Benjits Grey, Appiah, Higmanen, Perfect Page all hitting Wokingham Town for a night of festivities! Bring on the Beer, the curry and the laaadddiesss! Ship!

Work is good atm, thank God! Actually earning more at work than from the tarbs....sick I know! The house is coming on strong, kitchen is almost ready with tiles, paint, shelving etc all being finish this week. Will post some piccys soon as it's my fav room in the house! Michelle is still waiting to hear about her promotion at work, alot of shizzle going down there because her boss doesn't want to lose her from his team, maybe some blockage going on from him....hopefully will sort itself out soon.

Should hit the tables hard again tonight and try to book a win of some sorts, plan to do alot of reading this weekend as I need to rethink my game strategy imo. Good luck to all the other bloggers, see most of you guys are running good atm...keep it going.


The Hag said...

At least my anticipation is over for another day....

I'll be biting my nails again in the am.

World class post title too. Even stretches to your play sometimes ;o)

Looking forward to the trip, these 3 weeks best speed up a bit.

Grinder said...

HA! purchased a screen door a few weeks ago - "6 east steps" for install.

Step #1 was 13 steps which included cutting and drilling metal. F U!!!

Took a REAL installer 2 hours - would have taken me 12. It was worth $75.

BurnleyMik said...

Good luck at the tables tonight mate!

Flat pack furniture.... Don't even get me started!

The Hag said...

lol, you guys are right, flat pack sucks. My last experience involved a desk. A silent Mrs. Some broken wheels and having to dream about how to make it work before I could finish it the next day.

Its just like a bigger and heavier version of the rubiks cube.