All Over

So as you can see from the title of this blog I have had another disasterous weekend at the online tables. Both bad play and bad beats have been right in my way and I managed to donk off £1.5k on Party poker at 2-4 through to 5-10NLHU. I really do not have any roll anymore and the credit card now has over £3k on it. I am still up for the year but all that money has been withdrawn from sites and put into my house....Am I bluescouse in disguise I ask myself?? No Roll, playing too high, playing shit, playing hyper aggro, playing shit again and getting the beats along the way as well. I literally couldn't sleep last night due to the fact i was worrying about the money that i have been blowing on the tables....sick

I am not going to bore you with hands but one I called an AI bet on a flop of 227 with A2 to be faced with the prospect of AK sooted and then to be hit with running sparklers from the backdoor flush and another $600 swing. In my final hand of the weekend, and one that sticks clearly in my mind I move $500 into $132 on a flop of 3 low hearts with KhQs to be called by Ah6s for the whole lot....sick move but I think a terrible call as well.

I am thinking about giving up the game because work is going well and I should hit my OTE this year which would be a nice chunk so perhaps no need for poker anymore, but then I cant forget how many good friends and great times I have had from poker and the fact that it is one of the reasons why I can own my house now....Please guys give me some advice....I am at an all time low atm.

Didn't even play the bloggerment because I was that pissed off with my game, well done to the rest of you that seem to be running well, especially BM and Amatay (who has built a very substantial roll playing nothing more really than 1-2NL.

A very depressed binner signs out....potentially for the last time.


Kris, Skint in Europe said...

My advice (although probably not worth too much) is to take a break. You can't give up, it's impossible! Just take a break, do other things, then when you're fully re-charged and positive, sit down and start winning.
Bad-runs only get worse if you keep playing.

BurnleyMik said...

Kris is right. Firstly take a break. Secondly start to try and learn to love the game again.

One thing I would say for you is to try the Cardrunners subscription. i don't think it's cheap, but there are loads of training vidies on playing cash games. i am sure it will help you to gain perspective and improve your play and confidence when at the tables. I think its something like $150, but will pay for itself.

Finally... one thing i always try and tell you. Try and use BankRoll management. Work your way up and you will feel like you acheived more. Seriously though mate. Best of luck in whatever you choose.

Spunksock said...

Bah! I just came across your blog a few weeks back and now youre shutting up shop? No way man, take a much needed break - I took myself a 2 month break recently and it worked wonders.
You dont need lectures about bankroll management, but its a hole in 90% of peeps game.
Good luck mate.

Peter said...

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The Murg said...

Firstly, I would outline that Binner is one of the best readers of the game I have ever met and I have the utmost respect for his live poker game.

However, online poker and Binner has always been a trainwreck waiting to happen (as per Bluescouse). I can't say i'm surprised at the latest post, I just hope that like before, you don't try to play yourself out of it on bigger stakes.

There are many lessons that this episode should teach you (many of these we have already discussed before):

1. You can't always outplay everyone at the table.

2. When you build a loose image, turn it into an advantage by playing tighter, otherwise you just donk off your stack to muppets waiting to trap you and you get even giddier.

3. Moving $500 into a $150 pot is the type of move I see a lot from you, but is completely unnecessary - if someones gonna fold they will fold if you bet the pot. p.s. I doubt the guy would have called this bet from anyone else.

4. Pick your tables better. We've already established that you have a complete disrespect for money online (not live at all, funnily enough) and you don't have the discipline for bankroll management (I really can't see you grinding at the $0.10/$0.25 games with a $500 roll), so pick games that are suited to your emotional state, as thats when you play your best poker.

5. Yes, as already suggested take time off. As you know, I took a month off for Australia and when I came back my reading of the game and subsequent decisions were very profitable.

6. Set some realistic goals. Identify what do you want to achieve through playing poker? Now that work is going well, are your goals the same as they were a year ago? If it is the social side of things then play more live games - you are less liable to tilt in the company of others.

7. Vary your game selection to stop boredom/tilt. Why not play some full ring games or heads up cash games from time-to-time, or even SNGs - you have a brilliant heads up game and mostly every cash game you have played online has ended with profit. Try playing other games like Omaha, but for lower stakes and purely for relaxation and recharging.

8. Remember how you feel at the moment, write yourself a letter about why you are here without including the words "bad beat" - use this in the future if you find yourself slipping back into old habits.

I think the biggest thing for you to realise is that CREDIT CARD BALANCE DOES NOT EQUAL YOUR POKER ROLL. It may be that because it is not your money to begin with, you have no fear in losing it. Cut up the credit card and only look to build a roll from money you can afford to lose - you have more financial responsibilities now than ever.

I hope to hear that you will be changing things about your poker, although the key is to do things for yourself because you want to - keep remembering you have nothing to prove to anybody else.

Good luck.

Amatay said...

jesus mate, you only just came onto the blogging scene as it were now ur fucking off. Didnt realise you played so 'high; mate. dont quit just take the advice of other posters ,gl

Anonymous said...