It's only on loan...in ancient Greece We'll bring it back home!

I had a brilliant night in Liverpool on Tuesday for the Champions League Semi Final. Left Camberley at 11.00am and was in the Sandon pub singing the anthems at 15.30. I had a great view of the game, 10 rows back in the main stand on the 18 yard line of the Kop end goal. Brilliant. Left the ground at 11.30 after nearly an hour of post match singing and celebration. An atmosphere I will never forget.

Cashed off my monthly rakeback from betfair last night, £230. The comeback will now start. I need to build a decent roll for the Czech Republic trip in July and ready for the house moving at the end of May.

I am toying with the idea of playing some PLO in the next few weeks, maybe low stakes at 0.50/1 and 1/2. Seems like a very mechanical game as opposed to the game based mostly on judgement that is holdem. Omaha really is a game where your holding counts for everything and you are either drawing to a monster/nut hand or already have the made hand....there isnt much in between. Will keep everyone posted on those developments.

Going to watch Liverpool away at Fulham on Sat which will be my first ever prem away game......its usually so hard to get tickets for the away section of premiership games due to the small allocation so I have been lucky that they were available on general sale.

I have also won an England vs Brazil ticket for Wembley in an online ballot, those tickets go on sale tomorrow at 11.00 so thats my morning taken up hitting the redial button!

Tomorrow night should be a game at Tadley supporting the Umpire who has decided to run a Friday night game. Should be £1-2NL HU so will probably take £300 for that and hope to book a win for drinks in Fulham on Saturday.

Until next time...adios.

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