King of the ocean

Ok so it has been a little while since the last update. Overall the poker recovery has marched forwards with me constantly picking up small wins here and there just outweighing the occasional big loss (yes they are always big losses where I am concerned).

I decided to play live for the first time in a while on Monday. I drove down to North Camp to visit TC Poker for their £10 re buy tournament and loose cash action. Anyway I ended up doing £90 in rebuys and the additional top up in the tournament, I have never EVER seen poker played like this anywhere in the world, absolutely absurd. For example Everyone limps for 100 points and I look down on the BB and find AT off (A premium hand in this game as you will see!) So i well up for a few seconds contemplating the best way to play this 'monster'. I have 3.5k in chips and the average in the tournement is probably 2.5k so I am relatively healthily stacked. I decide to move in and let the shot takers dance for their chips. I get called UTG and called by Grandad G next to the UTG caller, the utg had about 6k and GG had 3k. Cards on their backs. 87 suited for UTG and wait for it....... Q3 off for GG. Anyway the dealer deals out a board that contained both an 8 and a 3, so my premium hand finished in distant third on that oaccasion.

Another tiem i decide to move in with AQ then get called by wait for it..... q3 suited this time to see a flop that contained a rosy red three. It literally was crap shoot poker and by the interval there was 90k on the table and we had 4 of the chip leaders in the whole of the tournament on it! Actually i must tell of one final hand before I move on to the freezeout stage. AK called AI pre flop by KQ and the KQ gentlemen hitting ALL of his measly 3 outs....yes QQQ onboard.....who said this was a game of skill.

So we move to the freezeout (I very nearly didnt due to sheer frustration) I build to about 10k and pick up JQ, call a limp raise and see the miracle flop 89T, I lead out for 1k, 3 callers. turn pairs the Ten and I lead for 4k, another 2 callers. River pairs the 8 for a board of TT889. Check, check, all in for 6k. I instacall in frustration more than anything and the bettor smakes a big sigh. He goes on to show an 8 for the hand. Marvellous.

I proceed to iron out £200 in the cash and decide its time for an early night. I go back online when I get in and win £650 for a £350 winner on the night. I decided to jump straight into a 5/10 NL game with 250$. I had built my stack up to around $400 when this hand happened:


I then lose a $600 pot on the river when a King hits against my top pair of Jacks. Afterwards i regroup and get involved in the battle of the kickers on this hand:


Im not going anywhere on the flop and decide the best thing to do is get the money in there and then. When he calls Im thinking that i need to hit my kicker or flush. Im thinking i have 3 jacks, 2 queens and the rest of spades as clean outs.....actually I have every card but a ten that isnt a spade.

The next day i proceed to iron out £500 in double quick time. I was in for £500 and recovered to being even but with all my money on a 5/10NLHU game. This hand was an absolute killer, thinking back at it i should move on the flop to find out where i am or definitely fold the turn when the pot is bet out again from first position. I put him honestly on KQ, KK or AA. Only one of those hands I was beating, so i silly move in on my behalf that cost me $1000.


Today i have recovered again though to book a win of £350, some hands of interest were:

http://www.pokerhand.org/?1133988 check my misclick out on the river bet!


http://www.pokerhand.org/?1134008 An ill timed bluff after missing my draw


I am off to Wales now for a week as we are waiting for our house purchase to go through, completion date is next Fri. £20k was sent today as a deposit and between now and then we do not have anywhere to live so it is off the the parent's place for a holiday of sorts in south Wales.

Havent heard yet from the Murg out in Austrailia, heard he was due to be swimming with sharks. Attenborough wouldn't know who the predator was in a pool of sharks and Murgs, perhaps we have a new king of the Ocean?

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