Poker Pig

So the weekend hasn't gone entirley to plan as I witnessed one of the worst games in Premiership Football history with Liverpool making 9 changes from their regular first team and Fulham looking every bit a 2nd division team.

I lost £650 online on Friday night to a mixture of 2nd best hands and badly run bluffs. One hand of interest and the final nail in my Friday night coffin was j2s in a 5-10NL game, everyone calling the mandatory $10 raise so there so 120 in the pot when the flop brough TQK with 2 spades. An aggressive player bets $50 utg and i move in for another $200 on top. Everyone passes behind back to the orginal bettor who wells up for 15 seconds and calls. The fourth and fifth streets bring utter blanks and his A8s wins with the high card. This sort of situation has been very typical of my form of late, lots of second best hands with no help for me as the dog.

Saturday morning I end up £350 down after a comeback late on.

I play again on Saturday evening after the footie round at Murg's house a typically good venue for my online results recently. I cash on £350 onto betfair and take that up to $3700 in 2 hours. Several hands of note are:

I have 44, call a raise of the pot pre to see a flop of A45 with the 45 being of spades. FP bets $30, i raise the pot to $120 and then the button re reaises all in for $450 total. FP folds, I call thinking im ahead to 2 pair or a big ace. He has indeed got an ace but a suited A9 of spades. He misses i hold up for $1000 + pot and suddenly my luck seems to be swinging to the good again. A couple of other hands that were interesting were KQ vs KJ on a King high flop for $600 and a bluff picked off with one pair for $180 on the river.

In another good hand I call a pot raise from a tight player with T8s to see a flop of TT5, he bets pot, i smooth call and the turn is another low rag. He pots again and I move in for the difference, he has 99 and the river doesnt help him.

I saw a sign by my local social club this evening saying that there was going to be 'poker' there tonight from 6.30pm onwards. I take a walk over there at 9.00pm just to see what the game is like and it turns out to be one of these annoying 'play for points not for cash' games. I probably the most annoying to watch poker game in the history which was shown by a player calling a bet of 200 another player raising 500 in total, the orginal raiser calling then the orginal caller of the first raise deciding to re raise another 200 ontop of the 500 and it being allowed to go without any objection! Incredible....at least if these games are to be run around the country then at least play by the correct rules.

My dismay was confounded when what can only be described as a warthog in seat one caught a favourable river to be followed by an outburst of whopping and snorting as if she'd won the lottery. Heads turned towards the beast but no one seemed bothered that such an animal was sitting in a public place drinking and playing cards....perhaps this could become the norm in years to come with animals like trained apes and monkeys playing in the WSOP.....just maybe.

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The Hag said...

Lol, nice overall result at the weekend sir.
Play for points, wow. I didn't know that even happened.
And pigs in a public place? Bang out of order, you should write to the management.