Recovery session

So the recovery starts in earnest with a heads up bowl stake match against the murg. 0.25/0.50NL cash game where the murg proceeds to luckbox 4 stacks out of me by hitting slightly better than me this was topped off with 8 high winning a $35 pot (stacks are only $25). I moved in with 53s on a k2h7h board, called by the 8 high flush draw and it remaining massive after the river drew a blank.

I decide to play one 2.5/5NL table while im playing the murg to try to make the session worth while in terms of profit.

I am up to $450 from $250 on that table when I take on the murg again on another small limit hu table. I take 2 stacks off him there including a lucky river for my A8 against his 45 on a A245 board with a 2 on the end after the money went in on the turn.

I then turn the original $250 into over $2k in an hour, good reading of the table and some nice hits like AK all in pre against JJ with a King on the flop.

AA won $300 in another pot when my pot bet was called on the flop and turn.

Other hands were good but cant actually remember them at the moment, might post some later when i'm back at home with the hand histories.

Managed to get round to sorting out all my DVDs prior to the house move at the end of May, I cant believe how many I have managed to accumulate in the last 3 years, incredible!

Lots of stuff to look forward to in the next few months:

England vs Brazil at Wembley have a ticket for that
Liverpool vs AC Milan in the Champs league final, am in the ballot for a ticket for that.
Long Weekend in Brno, Czech Republic visiting the hag for some poker and drinking
The Professor's stag night, will be Laurent Perrier all the way
Moving into my first house!

Will keep you posted.

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