Getting Bored of Poker....

So in the end I decided against the loan of £500 from the professor and decided instead to rest my eyes on the corner sofa until 6.00am when the game eventually broke. I awoke yesterday at 16.00 and decided to grab an hour online and proceeded to lose £320. One hand of not was T7 on a flop of 96K, I call a small bet hoping to spike the middle pin 8 for the nuts and it duely appears on the turn giving me the nuts. There are 2 spades on the board now and the original bettor pots the pot, I instaraise him all in and he calls quickly with k7s. The river brings the almighty deuce of spades for the flush and another $500 goes in the blink of an eye.

I wake up today for another online battle and proceed to iron out another £350 in an hour. A couple of ill timed bluffs and a couple of rotten beats and second best hands send me packing.

I am really considering the worth of the game at present. It just seems to be a constant battle against variance and my tilt factor. I win 5 grand in a month then do it the next sort of thing. I think my battle plan next time I have a good month I will move down the stakes for a period to reduce these sort of swings.

Anyway I have been given the go ahead to go and see the Hag in the Czech Republic some time this year, so things are looking up. I am still waiting for my mortgage to come through and am due to exchange contracts for my new house at the end of May, will keep you posted on progress.

A bored and demoralised binner signs out.

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