The Dog hand....

I had a terrible session last night and ended up £1k down after about 2 hours total playing 2.5/5nl and 5/10nl on Betfair. Hands that I can remember were KK raise the pot pre flop get a caller and a board of 885, all the money goes in with me up against 89, no help and im down a stack in the first few hands. I then promptly do another stack as Bluffy the Vampire Slayer becomes of me and I move in and get called by second pair.

I end up migrating to a 5/10NL table sitting with $500. One hand of note was QQ at the back. First position raises to 35, 3 callers I raise the pot and get 2 callers that see a flop of J63. I bet the pot and everyone drops for a nice $600 excluding my bet.

The defining hand of the season reads like this. I have AA and 900 in front of me. I check raise the pot pre and get 2 callers with 500 in the middle. The cards are dealt to the tune of K26. I bet the pot in first and get re raised for a further $80 all in by the original pre flop raiser. The button folds and I know that I am calling this last 80 dollars against a king of some sort. Probably KQ,KJ or even AK. The invisible online dealer man turns a 9 then a ten on the river and the dog hand claims the 1.7K pot. Woof Woof.

Bankroll now at £1.7k- so will try to claw that back this weekend in a big live game tonight with the likes of the Professor, Chinese Tony, The Wong, Murg et al.


jbt101 said...

where does this game happen in bracknell - is there any chance of an invite?

Binner said...

Hi JBT. Drop me a note with your email address and I will let you know details of the games around the area. Cheers