Online and the big Game

So another day of ups and downs. Im in for £700 online and take £250 to a $5-10NL game, turn that into $2100 when a player that has moved in cold for $500 pre flop before decides to repeat the act. I look at QQ and call quickly. AAJ on the board and i'm playing AK for a $1000 pot, marvellous. I finish that session £60 down as I cash off $1400 or so.

Then the murg and I travel to the big game in Bracknell and proceed to lose £600 in 2 hours and only a bowl of Beef chow mein to show for it, if Carlsberg did chinese food this would probably be the most expensive chinese food around!

I play online whilst at the game and take a deposit of £250 up to nearly $3k in the same time as my nuts are being done in the live game. So anyway I show a £700 profit for the day as we speak (at 3.30am).

The professor has offered to tick me a monkey so I may take him up on this before the night is over, omaha isnt my strong point to say the least but there is value here.....we will see.

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