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Decided it was time for an update to this blog due to taking some lyrical inspiration from some fellow Betfair chums met at Duffs home game last weekend.

Well what has been happening in the life of the Binner since last post 2 months ago? Quite alot actually.

Buying a house which is due to complete at the end of May
Had a profitable March for about £5k
Done most of it back in April :-)
Had some sick hands and have been playing well above my bankroll at 10-20 on occasions.

So the details are hard to remember really so will give details of some of the hands along the way.

I'm in for £1150 one Saturday afternoon on the 2.50/5 and 5/10NL HU on Betfair. I receive a big beat heads up with what I can only describe as 'a limit holdem player' playing NL, you know the ones....check call, check call, all in....call with third pair....... that sort of opponent and man not to be bluffed, one of life's non believers....lol he was probably a woman! Anyway here is the link for the hand http://www.runittwice.com/gamedetails.aspx?ID=LBJRBBK5730267 I think that I played this one perfectly, unfortunately the dealer dealt the worse possible card on the turn to leave me clasping thin air and the two fat ladies left in the deck.

I then migrate in true binner fashion to a bigger game, a norm for me when im doing my nuts lower down, get it back in double quick time type ideology. Proceeded to play no nonsense holdem for 4 hours at one 10-20NL table which had me down to 340 dollars left on 3 different occasions. The hand of the session was here http://www.runittwice.com/gamedetails.aspx?ID=CPMHITE3278305 where my AA held against QQ for a close on $4k pot. I hated the instacall from him on the flop and hated TTOTT even more....(The ten on the turn for those unknowing). Anyway ended up coming off that table at a shade under $5k for a healthy profit for the session.

We ran our Saturday night home game which ran from 9 till 4 after 5 'definates' dropped out on the day, ended up £11 to the good there after losing several £100+ pots to the Umpire at the end of the night.

Last Fri I played in 'The Big Game' no not the Bellagio DC game, the Bracknell round of each game. £3-3PL Holdem and Omaha. At the heat of the night there where roughly 6/7K worth of chips on the table with the local legend Chinese Tony plumping up his stack whenever it fell below £1k. I was in 50/50 with the Murg, he played the omaha and i played the holdem.

We lost a pot holding AhQh64 on a board of 5h7hQs2c

Up against a bear Q5 we managed to pull on offsuit deuce on the river for QQ22A and a losing hand. So many outs and the blankest of blankey blanks hits the end.

We also managed to lose with aces vs aces vs kings

King first card to leave us chasing dreams......

Later on in the evening, at probably 5 in the morning, I came downstairs from a break of nature to find all our money in the middle and Chinese Tony contemplating a call for £200. the board read 2c4s8cJd, I ran round to see the Murg holding 8853 no clubs.Tony called pretty quickly for someone calling £200 on a draw with only one street to come. I knew before he turned his hand over what he had.....the baby flush draw....I start to break out into sweat, The Murg is motionless, hardly breathing. I wonder if he has passed out behind his cheap mirrored glasses. Trish the dealer burns and turns.....a Jack. 8's full...must be good.....send.....Suddenly the Murg bursts into life like a man that has overslept for work and is awoken by the postman. Tony has indeed just got a baby flush draw and the £750 pot gets shipped to the animated Murg.

I take over the holdem round and march us on to over £900 where we decide enough is enough and will take a £200 profit each after being in for £480. Players seem to scowl a little as we leave with a chunk of the chips in play, we had to leave at that point because otherwise it would have been an 11.00am job.

In the last week i have managed to lose £1.5k online and on tilt....just absolutely giddy, terrible play and terrible decisions blah blah.

I have taken a challenge by the Hag to turn $44 into $444 in the quickest possible time. I will play tomorrow night online till 11 then go to the Bracknell Game hopefully with a win booked and under my belt. Will keep you all posted on the results of the challenge. I will probably sit and go for $5 until i get to $150 then spin it up on the cash tables. This could be the start of many bets of this nature as I am constantly claiming greatness in all levels of the game.

Will update early next week folks.


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