777 is the new 666

Woke up today and the whole world was covered in a layer of white, beautiful to the eye but not good news for the Green Submarine (my adored Peugeot 106). Decided to take the day off work and play some online poker with others that have given up the office to take on the poker world.

I started off brightly on 2 $2.50/5NL tables, winning about $300 with some solid poker and some good choice bluffing when it was needed. I then pick up 77 and decide on the turn that seat one's bet of $12 into the pot smells of weakness so I raise to $42. A sneaky chappy round the back decides to call the bet and the orginal bettor folds graciously. The river brings a flushing card....the next thing i know i have pushed my entire stack into the middle to be greeted by a LOL by the player to act then a half timer call with the A5c for the nuts. Marvellous....a $700 pot goes to a more deserving man than me.

I decide to reload for another £100 and am sitting on 2 tables now with $192 and $100 respectively. I pick up JTd on the $100 table and limp, everyone limps and the sb raises to $42....he only has another $70 or so left so I decide via tilt to move in hoping that i am a 50/50 shot against a small pair. He calls and the flop brings a KQ then a 9 on the turn and its all over, he shows 77 and leaves.

I continue playing quite loosely and pick up KJ which is worth a pot bet pre in this state of mind. A loose player calls next to me and the flop obliges with a J52 texture. I bet the pot, he calls, pot on the turn when another rag hits, again another call and then an all in on the river which is called...I am now fearing Jrag but i scoop the $440 pot.

I build my stacks on each table up to $600 and $700 when i pick up KK. I check raise for the pot to $55 which is caller by one player. Flop comes J89 with 2 diamonds. I check trying to slow this pot down as my opponent has $450 left in front of him which would cripple me. He moves in cold for the lot and I have to pass....I think i may be ahead but at best a 6-4 shot or maybe even a big dog against a made hand on the flop. Interesting hand this one, I dont think i played it correctly, maybe I should have bet the pot on the flop to see where i was, by checking i allowed the player to push against me with a flush draw, AK or something like AJ.

Anyway i build my stacks upto $800 and $700 when i manage to lose a monster pot on a board of 745 with 2 spades and I am holding the dreaded 77, I am up against A2s as it turns out, all the money manages to find its way into the middle on the flop and the Aces hits the turn and a spade on the river for a $900 pot. What can I do about these pocket sevens! The other week I lost a $2000 pot with 77 vs 76 on a flop of 74T turn 5 river 3, all in on turn. That was probably the most sickest pot i have ever come across and had the misfortune to be in.

After my latest beat with the 777, which indeed is the new devil hand in my book, i decided to cash off the roll on Betfair and keep the £230 profit for the day, which is an ok days work I guess but could have been another £500 better off had the black spade of justice not fallen on fifth street in my biggest pot of the day.

Credit card down to £1400 now, looking to get it under the grand mark in the next few weeks before my 3 day poker binge in mid February.

Adios Amigos

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