***EDIT ***Just finished a couple of hour session in 2 halves. Took my roll down to $300 at one point then decided to lump it all on a NL1000 HU match and took that $300 up to $2.4k.

This hand got me on my way nicely


Thanks also goes out to this river of love...is this my best river ever I ask myself??


This one then compounded his misery very next hand


Now I am marching....this happens for the hat trick, I am now nearly $1300 profit in 3 hands


I then proceed to donk off about $800 at 1/2NL until I cash out $1400 and leave myself $300 to take to a NL1000 HU game before bed.

In 44 hands I win another $741 profit from one very passive player, every time he trys a button steal I am 3 betting him and I am raising every button and really putting the pressure on.
So now the roll has just over $900 on it (with the $1400 safely cashed out to mcbank to ease the strain of the creditcard somewhat :-)

I am be trying to play alot of NL100 again for the rest of this week, trying to build on this roll and take it up to the $2k mark hopefully by this time next week.

I checked my PT info today and I have already played over 3k hands in March....my aim is to play over 10k hands in the month to build those FTP points and rakeback up.

GL to you guys. Binner


riveredpho3nix said...

wheres ur pic gone of ur big head a nd fine female companion lol

Binner said...

Lol, good man. Like it

Gone....for good! :-)

Good to have you back RP.

The Eureka Kid said...

You got very lucky on the 44 hand :) Wanna trade links? www.eurekakid.com is me. Let me know!