So finally i think i have got my poker game together. I have been mainly playing 2.50/5NL on Betfair and doing pretty well (apart from a short blaze at 5/10NL which was a complete rollercoaster!)

I am up to about $20k profit for the year which is ok considering i have probably tilted more than that away - without monkey tilt I would probably be around $30k profit. I will attach some interesting hands at the bottom of this post so you can enjoy the 30min rush i had last night and the coolers and big decisions i was faced with aswell.

Work is going well at present and i still look like hitting target for this quarter, so am working very hard to make sure that happens which will give me a nice pay cheque for end October.

Ah the end of October...newsflash just in that the Hag is coming to visit from the Czech. We will have the sofa bed in the spare room set up by then and it will be nice for the hag to sleep on a bed rather than his usual couch option....well not really an option unless you include the hard floor in his choices of evening retirement. We will be holding the first game at my place on the Friday (2nd Nov) 1-2 Holdem NL with £50min/£200 max pull ups. Likely line up so far is Binner, Murg, Hag, Jules, Big Adam, Rivers, Wendy should be a great night of many laughs and hopefully some good poker along the way.

http://www.pokerhand.org/?1444643 The start of the rush, bit of a sick call off here.

http://www.pokerhand.org/?1444740 I got the rest several hand later...dead

http://www.pokerhand.org/?1444748 Part of the rush, another sick call off

http://www.pokerhand.org/?1444752 Think i played this cooler perfectly, saved me money due to good turn play and the obv check call on the river

http://www.pokerhand.org/?1444760 Another tester, must have been on good form to fold!

http://www.pokerhand.org/?1444766 A cooler for Totto, dont know how he doesnt do more here!

http://www.pokerhand.org/?1444770 Its easy to play the nuts!

http://www.pokerhand.org/?1444773 The turn to get me involved.

http://www.pokerhand.org/?1444780 Should I call here against a well respected player?

http://www.pokerhand.org/?1444819 Drawing very thin sir....

http://www.pokerhand.org/?1444853 The power of the draw! :-)

Hope you have enjoyed the hands. Lots of ups and downs as usual but i feel that i am definitely more in control of game at the moment than ever before....it's probably trying to prove to the hag and the murg that I am a successful mid-limits player with a future in the game.....

We will see.....


burnleymik said...

Sorry mate, cannot view the hands, but 20k profit for the year is some going. very well done!

Keep it up! (so to speak!)haha



The Hag said...

Interesting hands, will comment on most but not all.

The TT guy when you had 89, I don't think I find a fold against you there how it played out and your tendancy to show up with air a lot of the time.

When you have AK and the river pairs the 7 and you fold. I'm not sure really, it would be really based on feel, you say he's decent, but decent LAG or decent TAG? of course I don't see a tight player moving in here without the 7 and you defo made it pretty cheap for him cos your betsizing was pretty horrific IMO. But if he is a bit more LAGGY then I would probably snap call cos you havent repped anything as strong as AK. So totally read dependant. Based on that fact and the fact you seem to have been playing well, I would say it is option 1 and you made a good fold. But then there is the part nagging me that would he really call you twice with a 7? I just can't place it really without having been there. Based on this 7 thought, I think he shows up with a big hand here or air, so if you are folding AK here are you folding A7 too?

The 88 hand is funny, good stuff you get paid off there especially after the turn flushes. nh, you must have hated the river heart! (or are you cards up before showdown on BF?)

AQ hand, pretty standard, good turn check, I can't see folding the river either for a pot bet.

AK against KT. Nice. As you say, many other players would be doing stacks there.

The A3 hand on the AA4 flop. Laughable, makes me wish I could run good for a little while and build a roll to join you at 2-5.

A5 where you turn a straight, I like a minraise on the turn personally to get some more info, if he instashoves over you then you can prolly fold, but it saves getting pushed off the same hand on the river which might have happened here. You might get a checkd on the riv then, and if he leads again on riv especially when the board has paired you can probably lay it down pretty safely. If he checks you probably have the same hand and you have the option to try to take him off the straight. Of course he could check with the flush too but I'm not sure he doesn't get it in on the turn with a flush. You lose 240 the times where he reraises the turn and you fold, but I think counting for the times you get blown off the same hand and the times you can blow him off it if you raise the turn its probably better to raise turn although its close.

The KQ hand, you lucky shortstacking egg. nuff said. ;o)

AJ hand where you turn (i got) top top (bitch) I think your riv looks way too much like a blocker which it is and would either check call, check fold, or bet fold but bet bigger like 160 170 as there is 230 in there and betting 100 opens up his move in......

Excuse my incessant rambling, just what came to my hand as I was thinking, very long winded, but thats me.
From these hands certainly looks like your thinking more while playing and not being a retarded tilt monkey, which can only be a good thing.
As Mik said mate, keep it up!

The Hag said...

man that was long. sorry.