Another Bad Loss!

Another day another K done! Marvellous.

Busted £1.2K last night on 5-10NL on Betfair. I really need to re think my game and my life!

Plans will be up here soon but definitely gonna stop playing 5-10 for a while and start grinding 2.50/5NL on Betfair and pull up a stack on Stars for smaller games and MTT's.

Watch this space for the full plans moving forward.

1 comment:

The Hag said...

You are a sicko my friend.
If you do the jesus challenge and take 10 usd up to 2K without playing live or on another site for higher stakes during the challenge then I will .....
figuratively eat my own hat. But will certainly put some money where my mouth is, although it won't be anything close to what you can win or lose in 1 night at 5-10 ;o)

Hope the next few weeks are prosperous whichever way you go, and hope Mr Roll is happy for my visit.