Jesus is dead!

So Jesus is officially dead. I really tried hard to do the Chris Ferguson bankroll 'challenge'. Indeed it was a challenge for me and it lasted the best part of 2 days grinding 0.25/0.50 on Stars before I took the $300 to 2 2-4 games and spun the lot up in anger. Winning pots of $2 are of no interest to me at all. I obvoiusly need some massive BRM advice but this really isnt the way to go for me. I dont have the time to devote to such low limits and am playing bad on them trying to create action for bigger pots and thus losing my money.

I ended up losing about £500 at the weekend. I lost prolly $4k in pots that were beats which would have taken me massively up if they had held up after the money went in.

I have decided to stick with Betfair for the 2.5/5NL games and Stars for the tourneys. My bankroll has been desimated so wont play any laddies cruise tourns as promised and you can forget the Jesus Challenge for now...maybe if i go to the edge of my credit card i might have to re think this strategy. I am still up about $15k for the year, which is nowhere near where I want to be but is still proof that I am a winning player.....I need proof sometimes after dry spells.

Will probably play some more over the weekend with whatever rakeback i get from Betfair, should be +£200 so that will be a start up roll on there. Will need all the luck in the world at this rate.


BurnleyMik said...

Just catching up and I saw the plans for the BRM and I thought "nice one" and then I read and thought "nooooooooooooo" what a shame mate. Good to see you are still up overall, but why don't you create a strategy that works for you? Use BRM, but up the odds:


5 buy ins for each level so if you wanna play 400NL, you have a 2k BR, but as soon as you drop below 4 buy-ins, you drop a level to say 200NL until you make it back.

I think this would help keep your discipline, but also let you play at the higher levels without blowing your roll everytime?

Just a thought anyway mate. i don't want to sound patronising.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Got you linked up mate. Thanks for stopping by!

Binner said...

Good stuff Yorkshire pud :-) I have added your link to the right hand side of the blog. Look forward to reading more....