No Poker, House stuff

Just a quick update since my last post. No news on the poker front as I have been decorating my spare (poker) room. New paint and online poker setup, looking good now. The Bed Sofa will be here soon aswell so peeps will be welcome to stay over.

I intend to play some poker towards the back end of this week. I really haven't been putting in the hours recently. I am up just over $16k for the year so far and I think I have been playing on average 30 hours a month online. I really want to be playing treble that amount so will put in more on a concerted effort in the next few months before xmas. I am looking at a $30k profit year in terms of a target, but it can all go in one bad sesh for me so fingers will have to be crossed I guess.

The new job is going really well at the moment, hitting my target for the first quarter, which is nice and should mean decent money at the end of Sep/Oct. Might be off to Vegas in early 2008 with the company for a sales kick off but they are still deliberating where they will host the worldwide conference week. Fingers crossed again.

Having a quote done for my front garden to be block paved as a driveway, hoping for a figure less than £2k, other things in the pipeline for the house are:

New Lighting in bathroom and kitchen, including the lights under the cupboards.
Flooring for lounge
New fence for garden
Painting the kitchen and front room
Heated towel rail
Turf and patio for garden

So there are plenty of things to keep me busy for the next year. Hoping to really improve the house then sell it on in 2 years time and move to a bigger 3 bedder.

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