Czech, Czech, All In

So, Ive been a touch slack at updating this blog since my last post. I really had had enough of poker and was feeling really depressed about the game.

Things have got a little better since my last post with me winning £1500 online whilst in the Czech Republic, but then giving away £1k of it over this weekend before winning another £1.1K tonight before I posted this. Basically I went on full tilt over the past few days after being beaten by AA twice in short succession after flopping a top pair and on the other occasion a decent over pair to a low flop.

During my stay with the Hag in Czech I won 2 multi tourneys, only with limited runners tho, like sub 50 J and I won decent on the 2.5/5NL game on Betfair before spinning up $600 like you do on 5/10 trying to either get lucky or have a best hand hold up….neither of which happened….

We even managed to play a live tourney and cash game in the Czech in a rather dingy venue not unlike pulling up a table in the Oxford Circus Underground. The Hag finished second in the tourney after his A9 was beaten AI pre against A5 in the decided hand of the evening. I managed to win like 3 buy ins in the cash game after busting the tourney all in blind against AQ. I was low stacked before my blinds and had seen 5 hands in a row that didn’t even add up to ten….so I felt the poker gods might gift me some decent cards if I promised not to look. The only good thing about the cards that the almighty one dealt were that they were live against their opponent, the mighty looking Ace Queen. The flop was obviously high and my 6 high couldn’t even improve the board.

In the cash game, which was a very loose affair, I rivered quads as an all in opponent improved his top pair into a house, but the main pot was with 99 I made a small riase to be mini raised from the UTG opponent. An obvious call turned into poker heaven on a flop of 9K4. I played it as perfectly as one can play the second nuts against top pair top kicker and with all the money in on a non scary turn the opponent thought he had won with a third king on the river, even with the 99 tabled before the final street was dealt…..poker has a long way to come in Czech…..

So I end up spending £10 for the few days I was out there, which included eating and drinking out each day and some general present expenditure amongst other things. 5 bottles of aftershave were bought in duty free and I was off back to sunny (yes you heard right) England.

I hear that the Murg is on a cooler at the moment with second best hands all along, hopefully he will get back on the road to recovery soon. I didn’t manage to play the 100,000 MTT on Stars tonight but did have a crack at a 1.5K MTT earlier on BF, I had my A3h AI pre bet called (yes you heard right again) my KTo for my tourney life (if the opponent had lost he would have had a meagre 20 chips left……marvellous. The Hag is building his roll nicely, making sure he will never go bust again by playing micro limit cash thus funding his MTT shots on Stars.

Work has been good, ordered another 35 DVDs today as well and bought a Sofa bed which has to be made up and will take several months before delivery. We managed to get a great price on this at £499 reduced from £1k in a crazy Harveys furniture sale.

Time to go an catch a much needed early night.

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