Big Swings....Like the ones in Giants Parks

Time for an update people.

As you can see i am finally back online in the new house, which is good and bad news. Good news that I can use the internet to help me with the best man's speech for Petes wedding tomorrow....good luck mate by the way sure you and Offilia will be very happy together in your new house aswell. The bad news is that i have been so excited about playing that i have done my absolute pieces on 5-10 and 10-20NL holdem. I have been very tilted over the past 3 days doing crazy thing like shoving j2 and q3 AI pre against JJ and KK. I have had some beats along the way too AA beaten by 84 when the river brought in the straight, qj vs AsJs on a queen high board with 2 spades. Immediate service on the turn for another substantial pot.

Finally today i have managed to claw back some of the deficit, £1550 of it, still about 1.5K down tho for the first period in the new house.

I will be loading up my new DTD account very shortly, probably at the end of this month when I have received my Betfair rakeback. I have had excellent customer service from DTD after initially having some problems with depositing on their site. Twice Simon (Trumper) has called me and had a chat about high roller schemes, rakeback and helping me with my deposit. I really think they are doing a great job there up in Nottingham and hope that everything goes well for a start in earnest later this year for the new club.

So, I'm in the new house and have been here about a month now. Lots of painting and re decorating has gone on. New light (front and back), house number, bathroom painted and shower curtain on and at the moment I am in the middle of laying a ceramic tiled floor in the kitchen with Michelle's brother Alex, It looks really nice and I will post some pictures very shortly.

I am about to leave for Finchampstead, the big game is running there and is a mixture of Holdem, Omaha and Irish, big pots and loose action. I may not play, I may just do the taxi-ing of Peter to mine before his wedding day tomorrow.

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