Quick Update

I have eventually moved into my new house, hence the reason for lack of a blog update in the past week or so.

Started to get on with the domestic stuff like painting bathrooms and fixing pipe work etc, bit of a nightmare but i suppose this is pretty standard when buying a new property.

I havent managed to get online at all and it will be about 3/4 weeks till Sky sort out my new broadband package which is very frustrating at say the least.

Did manage to scrape a game together round the murg's and ended up a $400 winner so that was a decent result after being all in with bottom pair that turned into trips on the turn in a 5-10 game.

I will be soon depositing onto DTD poker and have had some excellent customer service from simon and the team there, cant wait to get going with them and try to qualify for their fantastic high roller scheme, will post more on this as things progress.

Anyway time to roll now, will do a better update as soon as i get broadband in the house and will include some photos of the pad including hopefully the new internet/PC setup.

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BurnleyMik said...

Added you mate. Looking forward to reading your blog.