Back on Track....Home game soon

Ok, Im back to where I was before I went completely giddy on the 10-20NL game about 2 weeks ago. Well actually slightly better off as I cashed 425£ off Sky Poker and 1400£ off Betfair after several decent sessions there. The last session was a killer tho as I bluffed off my first $250 on a re raise pre with A9 and a push on a 3 hearted flop and have my opponent call with AQh for the made nut flush. I then went onto the 5-10NL game on two tables and proceeded to take the roll down to $900 from $2000. I then went on a roll and nailed very decision correctly and take a big swing back up to $3500 total roll before missing a straight and flush draw in a $1000 pot and decided enough was enough and came off moments after.

Start my new job tomorrow morning, having to be in Reading for 8.00am isnt something that i am looking forward to after a month of gardening leave and of course poker. I also managed my first half decent live result on Thurs with a £200 profit obtained from the Stanley casino cash game which included both omaha and irish aswell as NL and PL Holdem.

I shall be hosting my first game in the new house very soon, be sure to listen out for news on that. Should be a good one and quite an occasion. Blinds will probably be 2-2 and we will play PL Holdem.

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BurnleyMik said...

Good Luck in the new job mate. I hope it all went well.

Nice result in the poker, despite the two mistakes.