Weekend update and new approach

So the weekend came and went and so did another $600.

I basically had some unfortunate situations for full stacks on 1-2NL on Party. my K9 vs T9 on a Kt29 board, AI on turn with a miracle T hitting the river.
Then T8 vs KT on a 9J4 flop with a queen on the turn, Villian has bet pre and on the flop so it is hard to put him on KT here, all the money goes in and a $500 pot ships to him.
AJ vs AQ AI pre on a 5-10 6max game me obv with the AJ, not a good call here but the villian was loose aggro and i'd made the 3 bet with it then got shoved on for the last $250 so had to make the call just incase he had a small pait or a worse starting hand.

I was $1200 in at this point when I put on another $371 into a 5-10NL game and got dealt KT first up. Villian makes it $40 pre, i insta/tilt call see a flop on 9J5 he bets $60 i call. turn the golden Queen and proceed to mini bet into it and get raised all in for the rest, i duely call with the nuts and he is drawing dead with the boots. Took that $371 up to $900+ for a small loss for the weekend.

Anyway. I have been reading other grinders blogs, Amatay, Smart money et al and have seen them put in some great profitable performances playing like 6+ tables. I aim to do the same this weekend. I have got my PC set up with 2 LCD's so I will be ready to 6/8 table 50NL or 100NL. Might deposit on $1k and sit on 6 NL100 tarbs tbh. Will aim to get my VPIP down to around 30/35 from the 50 it is over the past 5k hands. I need to play alot more selectively and will play full ring rather than 6MAX, just to trial the system, I am a more skilled 6MAX player imo but want to improve my game and control my aggression on full ring, I think this will help.

Found a few tourns that I will play whilst in Vegas. Will prolly play the $125 freeze at the Mirage on Sun 17.00 and the $125 re buy at the Venetian at 20.00 in the week. Want to hit the Bellagio cardroom and Binions as well and also heard that the new Ceasers Palace CR is world class so will take a look in there aswell.

Amatay hasn't come back to me on the Heads Up challenge I set him, hopefully he will comment here and we can arrange something, would be interesting to see how good he is HU rather than waiting for the the Aces at FR :-)

On a bit of a fitness drive at the moment, been to the gym Mon and Tues this week and planning to go tonight, doing loads of boxing atm which should help the fitness greatly. Work is good, just closed a 50K deal which is my biggest of the year, looking forward to a decent chunk come the end of April.

GL all

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Amatay said...

lol, i'll give u a game fish but im off on hol on Sun so keep your money for me for another wk or so