So am just trying to finalise my flights and hotels for the trip to Vegas in April.

At the moment we are flying in at 9pm on Thurs 17th via Denver and leaving on 25th via San Fran. So i am obv looking for the best poker tourneys and cash games to play in, gonna need some help here....can anyone recommend a decent tourney with a decent amount of runners for the week?? All thoughts and recommendations would be much appreciated as this is my first time in Vegas.

Havent played any poker since my last post, I am still aiming to play just on Friday's and the weekends but I did stir things up on Amatays blog alittle with challenges going out to the pro himself and some of the the good folk I have had banter with before, stateofmind comes to mind! Come on guys.....The challenge is here in black and white. 21 games of HU NL Holdem STTs whatever the buy in. $5, $10, $20 prolly up to $50 as I am not hugely experienced in any tourns let alone HU ones. Winner is the first to 11 and we can even have a sidebet if you fancy on the overall outcome. Any takers.....?

Congrats to the hag for spinning up his freebie on PP to a decent amount, Party seems to be the sofest site in terms of low-mid limit cash games....it is also the place I have done the most money! Guess this is saying something.

Also booked an all inclusive holiday to Sa Coma in Majorca for the summer, a week away. Loads of sports and stuff going on in this resort so that should be cool.

Anyway just a quick update, will be a better post with HH's etc after this weekends action.

GL all

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